When to switch a puppy to two meals a day?

When to switch a puppy to two meals a day can become quite a task if this is the first time you are raising a puppy.

Puppies are cute little babies who have a large food appetite. Hence it becomes your primary responsibility to give your puppy love, affection and a large amount of food. Like a new born, your puppy has an adequate nutritional requirement that will always need immediate attention and action.

While switching your puppy from frequent meals to two meals a day, you must make sure that his dietary needs are always satisfied.

What are your puppy’s nutritional needs?

Before we tell you the best time to switch your puppy to two meals a day, let us first analyze its basic nutritional needs:

  • Like a new born, your puppy needs to be fed every 2- 3 hours.
  • Their daily feed may vary up to 4-6 times a day.
  • It needs approximately 10-15ml of milk from its infancy till it starts to grow up after which it will digest more milk.
  • Your puppy needs nutrition to grow rapidly which includes proteins, fat, vitamins, minerals and a lot of water.

Why does your puppy need frequent meals?

Firstly, puppies are active. The running, jumping, moping around make them hungry. Playing throughout the day consumes all their energy. Frequent meals help your puppy re-vitalize that lost energy.

Secondly, an infant puppy’s only task is to get fed. Hence, your baby puppy requires frequent meals.

And lastly, puppies love eating. Frequent meals make them healthy and happy.

Puppy food

When to switch your puppy to two meals a day?

When you decide to adopt a puppy dog, you actually say yes to becoming a mother dog. Like a mother dog, you will have to look after your puppy and fulfill all its dietary requirements. For that to happen, you need a solid plan to make up for all the nutritional needs so that it becomes easier for you to take the puppy off its mother’s feed.

Some of the factors that play a vital role in deciding when to switch your puppy to two meals a day are:

Your puppy’s age

Ideally, the best time to switch your puppy from frequent meals to two meals a day is somewhere between 6months to 12 months. This is your puppy’s first year and is also the time which is extremely difficult. You are building your puppy’s eating habits. Your puppy is habitual of frequent feeding which mostly includes milk. Make sure to consult your vet who can direct you to supplements which can fulfill your puppy’s nutritional needs also.


Its is a known fact that a strict eating schedule will nurture a strong and healthy dog. A puppy who eats too much will become a fat, lousy dog. Irrespective of their breed, you must control your puppy’s eating habits.


Deciding on to reducing your puppy’s meal time also depends on its breed. A large breed puppy will need more nutrition than a smaller breed puppy. Their physical needs are different and so are their nutritional demands. When cutting down on your larger breed’s puppy’s meals, gradually decrease from four times to three and then to two times. On the other hand, your small breed puppy can quickly adapt to two meals a day provided that his nutritional needs are all fulfilled and he doesn’t feel hungry.


Your puppy’s behavior is also important when deciding his meals. If your puppy is extremely dull, in contradiction to how other puppies behave, know that you need to make changes in your puppy’s dietary plans. Although frequent meals help them stay more energized, a puppy behaving otherwise indicates that something is wrong.

Like humans, if your puppy eats too much, it is time to switch your puppy to two meals a day. This in no way means that you decrease his nutritional input, you must include all proteins, vitamins, and carbs that your puppy needs to grow into a healthy dog.


How much is too much when switching your puppy to two meals a day?

As a pet owner, you can never be really sure of ‘how much is too much!’ This totally depends on three factors:

  • Size of your puppy
  • Dog food
  • Type of food

You will have to research and work on your own findings to figure out how much is too much for your puppy. In doing so, do not ignore that your puppy requires solid nutrition in order to grow into a healthy dog.

If you any more queries regarding the food that your puppies need, click on the following link for more information:



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