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The Golden Retriever is a beautiful Scottish gundog that is famous for its dense golden hair. The golden hair gave the breed its name.  They are known to work seriously at hunting and during fieldwork. They are also used in search and rescue. Golden Retrievers are muscular dog of medium size who are playful when not working. They have a broad head with friendly eyes, has short wars and a straight muzzle. Their movement is smooth and powerful. Golden Retrievers are intelligent dogs who need good nutrition for their wellbeing. It is important to take care of your dogs by carefully selecting the food which is best for them. Healthy food, with good hygiene, will help them live a long and stable life. In this article, we are going to talk about the best dry food for Golden Retrievers. Keep on reading if you want to know some of the best and worst food for your dog.

Top Best Dry Food for Golden Retrievers

Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food


Royal Canin is known as one of the best brands for dog’s food. It is also available for a puppy called Royal Canin Golden Retriever puppy food.  This product will help your dog to get the right amount of nutrition in the body. This food help to prevent weight gain to help support the bones of this strong dog.


It is a mixture of food made specifically for your golden retriever. It is made with brown rice, chicken by-product meal, wheat and oats.  In addition to that, it also helps in improving cardiac functioning with the help of taurine, EPA and DHA. Most of the dog owners have also added that their dog gastrointestinal issues have also resolved.

It is the best dry food for Golden Retrievers as it is healthy for golden hair and nails. Therefore, is good for visual and cognitive development. It is the most famous and simply has all the nutritional needs for your dog.

Pros Cons
Fulfil all nutritional needs A bit pricey than other brands
Useful for the heart and body development Kibble bits are larger than other products
It has more than 200 varieties.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food


This dry food from Blue Buffalo is one of the top savoury recipes. The top ingredients are deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, oatmeal and barley.


Deboned chicken is the main ingredient which shows that this food will provide a large amount of protein to your dog. It is one of the best dog food for golden retrievers in Australia as it contains high-quality ingredients with no contamination.

The ingredients are selected carefully so that your dog can get the right amount of calories without increasing mass. This product is formulated keeping in mind the overall health of your dog. It contains glucosamine and chondroitin which is good for bones and joints. Calcium and phosphorus are excellent for teeth. This food also contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for healthier skin and coat. This product is greatly recommended by dog owners.

Pros Cons
Made of purely organic materials. Much expensive than other brands because of its organic materials.
Comes in a variety of flavours. It does not contain much protein.
Amazing nutritional values.

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Nutro — Wholesome Essentials Lamb & Rice Recipe for Large Breed Adult

Nutro is a number one food dog company that has gained the trust of customers over the years. It contains a wholesome amount of lamb and rice recipe for your dog. The main ingredients are deboned lamb, chicken meal, brewers rice, whole brown rice and split peas. It makes Nutro the best dry food for golden retrievers.


Lamb and rice are some of those flavours which the retrievers are unable to resist. So if you think your dog is a picky eater get this one for your dog. This is a formulated meat recipe but adding rice to it makes it more healthy and beneficial. No allergies will be caused by this food as it does not contain any by-products. It also contains omega-3 and omega-6 which are good for your dog’s skin and coat. Most importantly, it is impossible to get a wholesome formula than this product. It is also considered one of the best dog food for golden retrievers in India.

Pros Cons
More affordable than its competitors. Not ideal for dogs with allergies.
Decent amount of meat-based proteins. Heavy amount of chicken meal.
Provides both grain and grain-free products.

Wellness — CORE Grain-Free Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal & Chicken Meal

Wellness offers many large breed food but this one is mostly preferred grain-free deboned turkey formula. It is considered as best dog food for golden retrievers in the UK. The top ingredients are deboned turkey, turkey meal, chicken meal, peas, potatoes and dried ground potatoes.


Golden retrievers love turkey and chicken meal so for them it comes as a treat. The formula of this product is grain-free. That is the reason it suits well to those who have stomach problems. It is okay to feed your dogs this grain-free formula when your dogs are sick. Each kibble is coated with probiotics, which is beneficial for the digestive system. This dry food for golden retrievers also comprises salmon oil and flaxseeds which keeps the hair healthy.

Pros Cons
Grain-free formula. Pretty expensive.
High in protein and fat. Uses high-glycemic vegetables.
Contains superfood like kale, flaxseeds.

Hill’s Science Diet — Adult Large Breed Chicken and Barley

The formula of this dog is specific to large breed but if you pair it with the right grains then you can give a balanced diet to your dog. The main ingredients are chicken meal, cracked pearl barley, pea fibre, grain wheat and cracked pearled barley.


This food contains glucosamine and chondroitin. It also contains omega-6 fatty acids. It also has vitamin that is vitamin E and vitamin C. To create plenty of immunity there is a mixture of antioxidants. It also contains healthy crabs to keep them active and healthy.

Pros Cons
Excellent food for dogs with health issues. The overall protein level is low.
Lean protein is the core ingredient. Too many grains.
It contains a lot of fibres. It has a high level of salt.


Holistic Select – Chicken Meal and Oatmeal Recipe for Giant and Large Breed

Holistic is a dog food brand that is appreciated by a large number of pet owners and pets alike. The main ingredients used here are chicken meal, rice, oatmeal, oats, chicken fat.


They have a variety of products according to the different needs of the pets. Holistic Select is the perfect option of food for Golden Retrievers. Its specialty is that it contains a large number of proteins and also has additional protease to break down the proteins. This is because the dog gets the essential components and makes the most of these proteins. Holistic Select also contains probiotics which are vital in keeping the sensitive stomach in a good condition.

Pros Cons
Chicken meal is an important ingredient. It is expensive.
A grain-free option is also available. It also contains some controversial ingredients.
Customers give good reviews about it.


Diamond Naturals Adult Dry Dog Food – Large Breed


Diamond Naturals food is a pack of nutrition. Many pet owners are of the view that it gives a lot of health benefits. It contains ingredients like pasture-raised lamb, kale, coconut, and dried kelp, papaya, and chia seeds.


Diamond Naturals Adult Dog Dry Food contains important vitamins to keep your dog strong, active and healthy. It contains pasture lamb as the main ingredient. It is equipped with superfoods like kale, coconut, yucca and quinoa. Firstly, it contains many vitamins, including zinc, copper, potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin b6. Secondly, it is specifically made for large dog breeds. Moreover, it has no grainy ingredients. No artificial flavours or food colouring are present.

Pros Cons
Designed especially for large breed dogs. No whole lamb meat listed.
It has lamb MEAL as the main ingredient.
It is affordable for the common man.


Purina Pro Plan Sport Formula Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan was made keeping in mind the needs of an active dog. It is made specifically for a lively and healthy dog. It contains chicken, salmon and rice, and turkey, making it the best dry dog food for golden retrievers.


It contains 30 % proteins and 20% fat for lean muscle. It also has EPA and glucosamine which are essential for keeping bones and joints healthy. Many pet owners loved this because they found that the dog coat has become healthier and shinier by eating this. It is suitable for all dog ages, can be given from little puppies to adult dogs.

Pros Cons
The main ingredient is real meat. You don’t get much choice when selecting ingredients.
It is available in 14 different dry formulas. Much expensive than other dog foods.

 How to select the best dry food for your Golden Retrievers

With a large variety of food in the markets, it becomes difficult to choose the right food for your dog.  Golden Retrievers are very sensitive about their diet so giving them healthy and nutrient-rich food can boost their immunity.

A golden retriever needs two premium meals per day. So this can be accommodated by adding more or less based on the nutritional level of the food and the activity of the dog. Feeding bad quality food can lead to skin problems because goldens are very much sensitive to skin problems. Read the ingredients carefully and then select the food by yourself. Don’t select random food for your dog.

Do not always be impressed by fancy packing and high pricing. Sometimes the good quality food may come in simple packaging. There is plenty of worst dog food for golden retrievers.  Consult your veterans before giving anything to your dog. Here we are going to give some guidelines on how to select food for your golden retriever so that you may not end up buying the worst dog food for golden retrievers.

  • Always select food free of preservatives

Do not give food that has chemical preservatives in it. Chemicals such as ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT, propylene glycol.  These food preservatives may be a source of cancer and may cause your dog to sick. Always keep an eye for preservatives such as Tocopherols including vitamin C and vitamin E.herbs such as rosemary are also beneficial for a dog’s health.

  • Keep an eye on ‘purchase by date’

Just make sure that you buy the product several days before the date. Buy from a store that has great customer satisfaction so that you buy a fresh pack. Never serve food that is mouldy and has fungus. Always buy a pack that is not greasy. If you have only one dog then always buy fewer packs to keep the food fresh and long-lasting.

  • Always look out for meat as the first ingredient

Do not look for grains as the main ingredient. If the food contains meat of any sort lamb, chicken, fish then it is good for dog health. Because meat is the source of protein so it is considered healthy for your dog. Some dog food brands list grains in the first seven ingredients. Do not buy any such products for your dog.

  • Beware of food that contains animals digest

Some of the brand manufactured food that contains the by-products of animals. These may include the intestine and everything that is intestine. This is not good for tour dog wellbeing. Similarly, animal byproducts also contain feathers, beaks, head, feet and vice versa.

  • Do not buy food that contains a lot of sugar

Semi-moist foods are not good for dog’s health. They contain a lot of artificial flavours and sugar. Added vitamins and minerals are good for health after baking not before they are added to the food. We suggest adding vitamins and mineral to the diet of your dog but first consult your veteran.

  • Best dog foods contain food also good for humans

Sometimes, dog food may contain food that is not good for humans, like diseased livestock and waste materials from slaughterhouses. This is the reason many dogs die from cancer because of this contamination. Consult deeply to know which type of meat is added to the dog food.

  • Grains in food

It has been found that many golden retrievers do not respond well to food that contains corn and soy as grain.  They are allergic to these grains. Sometimes the hot and dark spots appear on the skin. The food having corn or soy may be the cause of it. Look for grains such as brown rice and whole rice. Sometimes the pet companies take the waste from grain mills and put it in the food. They are known as grain fractions and include corn gluten, brewers rice, rice gluten. Search for whole grains like oatmeal, brown rice, barley or whole oats.

  • Just leave the treats for the dog

Some food brands claim to be giving treats to dogs. Beware of these as they contain artificial colours, chemical preservatives, and too much sugar. Try buying quality dog biscuits or you can make it yourself. Homemade food for golden retrievers is also better for their health as you know what are you putting in the food.

  • Grain-Free foods

Grain-Free foods have become more available as food companies try to give foods that are easier to digest with lower levels of complex carbohydrates and grains.  One misunderstanding is that grain-free dog food is also low-carb. But that is not true because vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, green peas and tapioca often substitute the grains in grain-free dog foods, particularly in kibble foods, creating them higher in carbohydrates than grain-based dog foods.

  • Taurine

Studies have shown peas, beans, pea starch, legumes, potatoes and sweet potatoes that have substituted the grains in dog foods hunk the function of taurine.  Taurine, a sulfuric acid, is crucial for healthy cardiovascular function in Golden Retrievers.  If left untreated, taurine deficiency in Golden Retrievers can lead to dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), congestive heart failure and may lead to death.

So the best way to decide which food to serve is to watch your dog. You just know about his weight, if he is underweight or not? Does he need more carbs? If he is active or not? All these factors will determine the food.  The most important part is to always consult the veterinarian for authentic and reliable information.


Here we have presented to you the best dry food for your golden retrievers. We have given step on how to choose the correct food for your dog. There is a lot that goes into the sensitive tummies of retrievers. As they have a sensitive stomach it is important to select food that is easy to digest.

Giving your dog high-quality dry food from a reputable brand is the best way to prevent sickness. Now it is up to you to make a decision and pick the best dry food for your dog.  Best of luck!

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