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In life, everything is not what it seems. For instance, an English bulldog might look frightening and constantly angry but these short, pudgy, and lovable creatures are the sweetest dogs out there. Do not judge them from their appearance, English bulldogs have a very charming personality and will be your best friend forever. Unfortunately, they can develop health problems over time. Therefore to give your precious best friend the best life, you need the best food. However, to provide them with additional energy and nourishment, dog treats are your best option. Read below to find the best treats for an English bulldog. These high-quality treats for an English bulldog will provide them with the extra health they need to live a long, healthy, and happy life.

In a similar fashion as the list for the Best Dog Food for an American bulldog puppy. Here is a list of the best treats for an English bulldog.

A Guide to the best treats for an English Bulldog

English bulldogs love dog treats a lot especially the very meaty ones. However, English bulldogs need to stay healthy too. Therefore, these treats are the perfect option since they pack meat and nutrition both.

Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats with Real Bone Marrow and Calcium

Best Treats for English Bulldog

Product specifications

  • Available in 15,30, and 10-ounce bags, 40 and 30-ounce jars, and refill packs
  • No of calories: 10 calories per treat
  • By the company: Milk-Bone


Pros Cons
Contains real bone marrow Contains sugar
Great flavor
Comes in many sizes

Why should you buy it?

Milk-Bone Marosnack’s dog treats are not only delicious but nutritious as well. Sandwiched between two layers of crunchy meat is real bone marrow packed with calcium for your furry friend. Also, these treats are bite-sized. As a result, it makes it easier for you to control your bulldog’s daily dietary intake. These snacks will surely put a smile on your canine and leave them craving more of these mouth-watering treats. Moreover, the calcium in these best treats for an English bulldog will make your bulldog’s bones and teeth strong. That way, they can munch on these treats even more. Additionally, these snacks come in multiple sizes and refill packs. So, if you are contemplating buying these, you can always try the 10-ounce bag and see whether your English bulldog enjoys it…which he will.

These dog treats are protein and calcium-rich which makes them perfect for all ages of bulldogs. Also, this will help your dog to have a complete, balanced and healthy diet. You can either feed it daily as a treat or crush it into tiny pieces to control your four-legged friend’s portion sizes. All in all, it is a great option since it is a mixture of both flavor and health that will leave your dog healthy and happy.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Grain-Free Biscuits Crunchy Dog Treats

Best Treats for English Bulldog

Product specifications

  • Available in 10 and 24-ounce packages
  • Calories: 41 calories per biscuits
  • By the company: Blue Buffalo
Pros Cons
Real salmon Dry biscuits
No artificial flavors and preservatives
No by-product

Why should you buy it?

These Blue Buffalo biscuits are the perfect treat for your bulldog. That is to say, they are jam-packed with real salmon, this is a crunchy treat bound to tempt your furry companion for more. Additionally, these treats are grain-free. So, if your bulldog is allergic then you will not have to worry about it munching on these tasty treats. The best part, however, is that the salmon contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are essential for growth and a strong immune system. With that, these biscuits are also protein-rich. As a result, it helps with your canine muscle development.

If you are still hesitant to buy these energy-rich and nutritious treats then you should know one thing that makes this treat a great option. Blue Buffalo only uses fresh chicken and no by-products; this means that your bulldog will not get any of the second-rate bones and entrails. Instead, your canine will only get the highest quality meat there is. To sum up, if you get these, your furry companion will jump up and down with excitement, it truly is a great product.

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Training Dog Treats and Hemp Naturals Calming Dog Chews

Best Treats for English Bulldog

Product specifications

  • Available in 6 and 16-ounce pouches
  • Calories: 3 calories per treat
  • Company name: Zuke’s
Pros Cons
Corn, wheat, and soy-free Not the best smelling treat
Only 3 calories
Soft and chewy
Mini serving size

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for something to spice up your furry friend’s food then look no further because Zuke’s mini naturals have got you covered. These treats are made with real salmon, whole berries, and a mixture of herbs giving your hound the perfect combo of taste and health packed in a mini treat. Furthermore, these treats are full of nourishment. Certainly, they are loaded with proteins, vitamins, and minerals giving your bulldog the best there is. Moreover, these treats have no artificial flavoring, preservatives, or allergens making them the right fit for your meat-loving bulldog.

Above all, each mini natural is less than 3 calories. So, you do not have to worry about your dog’s portion sizes and your canine can enjoy as many treats they like. It is the best of both worlds. Additionally, you can also crush these mini treats into your dog’s daily food to make things interesting. Also, you can reward your bulldog with this fun and best treats for English bulldog after training them. Other than that, it will leave your dog content and calm due to the hemp in the treats. Do not worry though, hemp is completely safe for dogs and helps to calm them down. Plus they are soft, moist, and chewy and as a result, your bulldog will feel like eating real meat. Now, isn’t that great?

Nutro Crunchy Natural Biscuit Best Treats for an English bulldog

Product specifications

  • Available in 10 and 16-ounce bags
  • Calories: 5 calories per snack
  • Company name: Nutro
Pros Cons
No chicken by-product Dry and crumbly
Non-GMO ingredients
No artificial flavors and preservatives
Real peanut butter
No soy, wheat, or corn protein
100% natural

Why should you buy it?

Are you looking for the perfect treat for an English bulldog? Have you considered making homemade treats for your bulldog? Well, let’s make your treat-hunt easier and save you some time. Nutro crunchy biscuits are the dog treats that you are looking for. Real peanut butter, proteins, vitamins, and minerals are encapsulated in this yummy treat. Nutro assures that they have real chicken in their treats and no by-products. Another great thing is that these snacks have non-GMO ingredients which means your four-legged friend will have treats that are delicious, wholesome, and most importantly, completely natural and pure.

Furthermore, if you are looking for protein-rich options and something that will make your dog gain weight then this is a decent choice. The reason being it has real peanut butter packed with nutritious protein and good fats that will make your dog’s day exciting and fun.

Still, considering? Then two things to know; firstly, each treat has only 5 calories so you will not have to hold yourself back and you can reward your dog with many treats. Secondly, it does not contain soy, wheat, or corn protein so, even if your dog is allergic, they can still enjoy this product.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Real Meat Dog Treats for an English bulldog

Product specifications

  • Available in 3 and 12-ounce pouches
  • Calories: 22 calories per morsel
  • By the company: Rachel Ray Nutrish
Pros Cons
Real meat Have to be broken down first to make it safer for dogs to eat
Soft and tender

Why should you buy it?

A dog’s dream is to have all the meat in this world. Well, lucky for you, Rachel Ray Nutrish’s real meat dog treats turn this dream into reality. It is the best treatment for an English bulldog because of its all-in-one chicken, beef, and pork combo. Not only that but this meat is supplied from trusted farms all around the U.S. Also, this product has no artificial flavors and preservatives making it a wholesome and nourishing treat for your bulldog. Furthermore, it is grain-free, soft, and tender. As a result, if your bulldog has teeth problems, they will still be able to enjoy these morsels. However, as good as these meatballs are, they are not suitable for dogs below one year. Other than that, make sure to break them up before giving them to your bulldog.

However, since English bulldogs are particularly fond of eating they will gobble these morsels in a blink of an eye. Overall, these morsels are top-tier treats for an English bulldog. They combine delicious meaty flavor, protein-rich meat, and nutrition in one little meatball. One last thing, they make a great substitute for homemade bulldog treats.

Blue Buffalo Sizzlers Natural Bacon-Style Soft-Moist Dog Treats

Product specifications

  • Available in 6,15 and 32-ounce bags
  • Calories: 33 calories per strip
  • By the company: Blue Buffalo
Pros Cons
Free from red dye 40 Treats stick in the bag
Soft and moist
Real pork

Why should you buy it?

English bulldogs especially love pork. Therefore, you should buy this yummy treat for your canine companion. It is designed to look like a bacon strip, it’s soft and tender that will surely tempt your meat-loving friend for more. Blue Buffalo’s Sizzlers are what your bulldog dreams are made of, however, what makes it one of the best is that it is free from red dyes in dog food. Red dyes are toxic and can cause many problems for your beloved bulldog. Certainly, these strips are not only free from dyes but are made from nutritious ingredients and real pork making it one of the best treats for an English bulldog.

Still skeptical? Well, you can get the 6-ounce bags and see whether your furry friend likes them, they surely will because of their soft and moist texture and superior taste. Moreover, if you are looking for something that will help your dog gain weight then this is the perfect option due to its calories. In addition, it will help your dog complete their protein intake for the day. To sum up, Blue Buffalo’s sizzlers have great flavor, they are full of nutrients and they can help your dog gain weight and muscle. It is a great option for all pet lovers.

Portland Pet Food Company All-Natural Dog Treat Biscuits

Product specifications

  • Available in 5-ounce bags
  • Calories: 12 calories per biscuit
  • By the company: Portland Pet Food Company
Pros Cons
Vegan and vegetarian Expensive
Preservatives free
BPA free packaging


Why should you buy it?

From senior dogs to puppies, Portland Pet Food Company’s natural dog treats are inclusive of all dogs. For English bulldogs, it is even greater because these treats help with controlling your dog’s weight. At the same time, it provides great taste and nutrition to your dog, and the main highlight it is completely meat-free! How awesome is that? Furthermore, it is preservative, GMO, and artificial flavor-free. BPA-free packaging is not only beneficial for your bulldog but also environmentally friendly. It is a unique product with thoughtful ingredients safe for everyone, you, the dogs, and even the environment. However, it is on the pricier side but it is completely reasonable considering how beneficial these dog treats are.

These are pumpkin biscuits and if you think that your canine will dislike it, just give it a try, your dog will not know the difference and gobble these in a minute. Portland Pet Food Company has similar products that are quite popular in the dog world despite being meat-free. Also, a vegan option can help your dog be more active and have fewer stomach problems. Also, it has no dairy which is perfect for lactose intolerant pets. Therefore, these are the best treats for an English bulldog.

In other words, if you are looking for a completely different treatment for your four-legged companion then this is a great choice. Plus this surely will be your dog’s favorite.

Frequently asked questions about the best treats of an English bulldog

1-Can English bulldogs eat dog treats every day?

Yes, however, only 10% of their caloric intake should be dog treats, not more than that. It is best to get your vet’s recommendation on daily intake. Dog treats are great but can lead to obesity if your pet consumes them excessively.

2-What dog treats should a pet lover avoid?

Ingredients to look out for are cancer-causing red dye 40, animal bones, and sugary treats. They might be tasty but they are harming your dog secretly. Chinese ingredients have also been linked to kidney failure in dogs. So make sure to avoid it at all costs! However, that is not to say that all Chinese ingredients are bad but just keep a lookout for your beloved pet.

3-Are homemade dog treats better than store-bought?

Homemade dog treats are a good option but on the other hand, one has to consider the time to make these treats. Taking time out of a hectic schedule is difficult enough let alone make dog treats. However, if your dog has certain allergies, you can opt for homemade options but there are countless varieties you can buy at the store.

4- Can English bulldogs eat berries?

Yes, they can eat all types of edible berries. Most importantly, it is a great source of natural sugar for your English bulldog. Berries are guaranteed to keep your furry friend’s energy levels high as well. Also, any dog treats with berries are a decent option to opt for.

5- Can English bulldogs eat tomatoes?

Both, yes and no. Unripe tomatoes are not considered good for dogs, therefore, they should be avoided. Whereas, ripe tomatoes are nontoxic and you can feed them to your English bulldog.


In conclusion, there are countless options to choose from but a list compiling these dog treats makes your job easier. The best treats for an English bulldog vary depending on the bulldog’s preferences and health profile. However, all types of options are available even vegan-friendly options. How amazing is that!. Also, each treat listed has outstanding qualities making it top-quality treats for an English bulldog. On the other hand, as much as dogs love meaty treats they need to exercise as well. Specifically bulldogs since they weigh more and can have many health problems. Plus, make sure to stay away from harmful ingredients and sugary treats since they can cause diabetes and obesity for your precious dog.

Moreover, since every dog is different a vet’s recommendation is the best to sort out what options are best for your dog. To sum it up, a balanced diet, daily exercise, and a doctor’s appointment will result in the happiest, healthy and energetic dog. Lastly, best of luck in finding the best treatment for your English bulldog.

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