Can Diabetic Dog Eats Chicken Breast?

Feeding a dog a balanced diet that meets all their dietary needs is difficult. Things become even tougher when the dog in question is diabetic. You need to take special care with what you give the dog since too much sugar can have a lot of adverse effects on their health. Most people recommend chicken breast as the ideal food for dogs. However, is it true? Can diabetic dog eats chicken breast?

Benefits of Chicken Breast for Dogs

Chicken breast is a primary ingredient in most company dog foods, and for good reasons too. Chicken meat is rich in protein which is beneficial for growth, and repair in the body. This makes chicken breast even more advantageous for puppies that need protein for growth.

Omega-6 fatty acids are also something you will find in abundance in chicken breast. In addition, chicken breast has very little fat and calories which prevents possible obesity in dogs.

Can You Feed Your Diabetic Dog Chicken Flavored Food?

The answer is no. Processed food, whether with or without chicken flavor, should never be given to diabetic dogs. Processed dog foods are rich in sugar which means they can cause problems for diabetic dogs. You can add chicken breast in your dog’s kibble to entice him into eating, or mix in a little wet food from time to time.

Can  Diabetic Dog Eats Chicken Breast?

For diabetic dogs, doctors recommend feeding them a diet that is rich in fiber and lacks fat. This is because fiber prevents glucose from entering the bloodstream too fast. Fat-rich foods have low calories, which means they are helpful for weight loss. Chicken breast fits the criteria perfectly and is a very good addition to your dog’s diet. However, only feeding your dog chicken breast may give you cause for concern.

You need to have your dog’s diet carefully planned by a vet so that he gets all the nutrients he needs.

How to Feed Your Dog Chicken Breast?

Mix It in His Kibble

The easiest way to give your dog chicken breast is to boil it until completely cooked. Then shred the chicken into fine pieces, and mix them into your dog’s bowl of kibble. You need to be extremely cautious of best hygiene practices to follow when handling raw meat. You can read more about that here- Can a dog eat raw meat?

Mixing shredded chicken breast in the dog’s kibble is a good way to get him to eat if he’s creating problems. Most dogs can give up eating altogether for several reasons. This could be because of a change in dog food, health, and even mood. Mix the chicken in, and watch the magic happen.

Feed It to Him Plain

Boil the chicken breast, and separate it from the stock. Shred the chicken breast, mix in a little processed dog food for a little extra touch, and serve it to your dog plain. We recommend leaving a little stock in there too, so the breast will be easier to eat and swallow.

Should You Boil, or Fry Chicken Breast for Dogs?

Boiling chicken is the best way to prepare it for your furry friend. This is because boiling kills all the bacteria in the meat, removes the fat, and still keeps all the nutrients your dog needs. However, you need to make sure the meat is cooked thoroughly and is not seasoned afterward. If you season the chicken, it will increase the salt content, which will be dangerous for your dog’s health. Spices and oils in the seasoned chicken are other problems. Spicy food is intolerable for dogs, which means you need to avoid them altogether. It is important to boil the chicken without the skin too.

In addition to this, no matter which way you cook your chicken breast, you need to be sure to remove all the bones from the meat. While beef bones are good exercise for a dog’s teeth and jaws, and dogs like chewing from them, chicken bones can be hazardous. This is because the bones easily splinter, and can spear through the dog’s gums, cause choking and give birth to other problems.

How Often Can You Feed a Diabetic Dog Chicken Breast?

Since the chicken breast is lean meat which means it has low fat, you can feed it to your dog daily. Still, we recommend you not do that. Your dog needs a varied diet to make sure his nutrition requirements are fulfilled.


Chicken breast is perfectly safe for a diabetic dog. It is preferred you feed a diabetic dog chicken breast because of the high fiber, and low-fat ratio. You just need to make sure to take care of hygiene, vary your dog’s diet, and be sure to give him lots of water. Remove all the chicken bones too, so that your dog won’t have an accident.

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