Can dog eat french fries?

French Fries

No matter how many you eat, there are no regrets after consuming freshly fried French fries. 

The smell? Heavenly. 

The taste? Even better. 

I can write an essay on how good fries are. However, the topic is not that today. Instead, we will be talking about:

Can Dogs eat French Fries?

The answer, although, is yes. But, it is not suggested to feed your pooch with french fries, because they are very unhealthy and carry no nutritional value. 

Most dogs can eat french fries on some occasions, but it is better to completely keep them away from fries. More often consumption of fries can lead to some serious health consequences for your dog. 


Why are french fries bad for your dog?

Theoretically, french fries cannot be processed by the digestive system of your dog. 

The basic ingredients of fries include potatoes, oil, and salt. All of them in large quantities are not so good for your pet. 

Ingredient #1: Potatoes

Starting from the main ingredient, potatoes, are not very terrible for the dog but they are super high in carbohydrates. These carbs cannot be easily processed by the digestive systems of most dogs. 

Apart from digestion, some dogs are allergic to potatoes and your dog might even puke or suffer from diarrhea after eating chips. So, why take a risk when you can be on the safe side?

Ingredient #2: Oil

The second ingredient that helps in putting up fries is oil. Oils such as olive oil and fish oil are good for the health of a dog. However, typically-used canola or vegetable oil in french fries is not. It will give saturated and trans fat (both are very bad) to your dog. 

If your dog gains too much fat, he can grow obese. Moreover, a dog might also suffer from pancreatitis or diabetes in the future. In some dogs, excess fat can also lead to bloat, which is life-threatening. 

Ingredient #3: Salt

Based on the weight of your dog, he is just a few fries away from getting salt poisoning. This common ingredient of fries is not good for your dog either. 

That is not all. Too much salt can also cause dehydration, changes in the patterns of urination, and excessive thirst. Long-term suffering can also give birth to kidney problems. 

Even after all this, if you want to feed your dog with french fries, make sure they are unsalted. Although unsalted ones are not healthy, just a bit less unhealthy. Salt is a big ‘no, no!’ ingredient in french fries. 

Should you panic if your dog accidentally chews some french fries?

If your dog has accidentally consumed some french fries while your eyes were glued to the TV screen, there is nothing much to worry about. 

The ‘panic’ it brings is based on the size of your dog, the amount of salt in the fries, and the tolerance of your dog. If all three of them are under control, you are safe. 

If your dog has eaten fries, make them drink plenty of water. For some time, ensure that they are in front of your eyes. Have they shown any concerning symptoms, call a vet immediately. 

Less concerning symptoms

Given below are some less concerning symptoms of your dog eating french fries:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydrating or increased thirst
  • Changes in urinating patterns
  • Upset stomach

Important: If any of the symptoms last longer than 12 hours, seek medical help for your dog. 

More concerning symptoms

Given below are some more concerning symptoms. If you notice any of these, quickly take them to the vet:

  1. If your dog is breathing heavily or facing difficulty breathing, showing signs of hives or swelling: red flag. They might have had a severe allergic reaction
  2. In case of confusion, diarrhea, fever, seizures, your dog might be suffering from salt poisoning. Rush to the hospital! Small dogs who have eaten rich-in-salt fries are at the most risk.
  3. If you are seeing your dog drooling, having a swollen stomach, pacing, showing signs of pain, or panting, he might be suffering from bloating. The fries that are high in fat content can cause the stomachs of dogs to twist in and fill with gas. In this case, your dog may pretend like he is trying to vomit, but nothing really comes out. 

Summing up

To conclude, it is not recommended to serve your dogs with french fries. However, if you still want to feed your dog from your drive-thru, you can consider giving them sweet potatoes, carrots, or even green beans. Just not the fries, please. 

In the comment section below, you can let us know if your dog ever ate french fries, accidentally. Want to know if your dog can eat some fresh grapes?

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