Can Dog Eat Ginger?

Ginger is a staple item in every house. We blend it in our food like a religion, don’t we? But can dog eat ginger? Since childhood, you must have seen your mother giving you ginger. Stomach ache, bruises or sore throat, ginger has been phenomenal in giving relief from all these problems. When it comes to dogs, fortunately ginger is as fruitful to them as they are for you. Eastern cultures have exhibited the use of ginger since generations. This is most dog owners feed ginger to their dogs regularly mostly in the Asian region as compared to other counterparts of the world. In this article, we talk about the relationship between a dog and ginger.


How does Ginger help dogs?

Can dog eat ginger? How are they helpful for your dogs? These are questions that keep ringing in a new dog owner’s head. We all know that ginger is a powerful herb which can bring ease to your dog in many ways. Just like humans trust the organic aura of a ginger, dogs can also take advantage of the many health benefits that it has to offer:

Reduces Nausea:

Nausea is troublesome for dogs. Your dog cannot explain his feelings but you should know that nauseas are as killing for him as they are for you. They want to throw up but they cant. They suffer through some discomfort that you as an owner cannot bear to see anymore. Ginger will relieve your dog off that nauseating feel. It can drastically reduce it making it easy for your dog.

Bloating or Stomach Ache:

Stomach aches are nasty specially for old dogs. There can be many reasons for why does your dog suffer through stomach aches. A food bug, stress, food reaction can cause your dog’s stomach to bloat or growl. Giving ginger to your dog in such a case will help them curb this pain. Ginger effectively works on your dog’s belly giving it immediate comfort. You can either mix it in his food rub it in his paws. When your dog licks his paws, he will indirectly be taking ginger in.

Boosts Immunity:

Ginger boosts your canine partner’s immunity. If you have an ailing dog or a sick one, ginger will help your dog build resistance and fight off many infections and diseases. It circulates blood flow, stop any gases to form in the stomach and increase your dog’s immunity.

Counteractive to Arthritis Problems:

Ginger is very resourceful specially if your dog is suffering through arthritis or joint pains. Organic and very natural, ginger acts as an anti irritant and become a strong pain reliever. As already explained, ginger is great in the circulation of blood, therefore, it can be a good stimulator in reducing such pains.


Cancer is one disease that’s creating a havoc in both dogs and humans alike. Ginger is proven to prevent forming of cancer cells in a dog’s body. Additionally, ginger can help a dog get back to its normal life pro cancer as it decreases nausea and boosts immunity.

Combat heartworms:

Heartworm is a threatening disease that can kill your dog. Heartworms are parasites that survive by living off the organs of your dog. They can potentially lead to many organ failures for example, lungs and heart.  A full on throttle of many medications can finish these heartworms but they come with a hefty price. On the other hand, ginger is a remedy that ahs no side effects. Your dog may benefit most if you add ginger in his meal to combat heartworms.

Can Dogs Eat Ginger – Dogs 'N Stuff

Can Dog Eat Ginger if it is Hazardous?

Ginger can be hazardous to your dog if he eats it in big quantities. There are some risks attached if your dog chomps up a huge ginger down his throat. Therefore, you should be mindful of giving accurate doses of ginger to your dog.

Mouth Blisters Acidic and a very strong flavour. Your dog can inflame his mouth and develop blisters if you don’t monitor the amount of ginger he has taken.
Blood Thinner It has the tendency of thinning the blood, therefore, you must consult your vet if your dog has any inherent diseases.
Choking Hazard Gingers are hard substances. Your dog will choke himself to death if he eats very large chunks of ginger. Hence, as a petowner it becomes obligatory for you to cut them into smaller pieces for your dog to eat it without any trouble.


Can Dogs Eat Ginger – Dogs 'N Stuff

How Can You Serve Ginger to your Dog?

Dogs can figure out any strong, pungent smells. This is why eating raw ginger is very uncomfortable for them. If this is the case then your dog will likely move away and stop eating anything that has even a slight taste of ginger. To make him eat it, you can give ginger in various forms as under:

    1. Raw Ginger
    2. Powdered Ginger
    3. Tea with Ginger
    4. Ginger Capsules

Ginger which is dry can also be given but dried ginger attracts a lot of side effects. In order to be more confident, you should read more details on the given website below:

6 Ways Ginger Will Help Your Dog

Can Dog Eat Ginger: Final Verdict

The final say is yes dogs can eat ginger. Keeping in mind all the benefits ginger has to offer, you must not refrain from giving some to your dog. However, you must consider the size and age of your dog when you incorporate ginger in his diet. All the best!


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