Can Dog Eat Hotdogs?

Who doesn’t love hotdogs? Whether it’s a BBQ sausage or a grilled delicious hotdog. Hotdogs are favorite food for adults and kids alike. But can dog eat hotdogs? Munching on sausages may be very appealing to your dog. Partying on a cool summer day and eating yummy hotdogs, you might wonder there’s no harm feeding some to my dog as a treat. There’s no harm is there?

Let’s see what’s inside your favorite food.

What’s In a Hotdog?

Can Dog Eat Hotdogs


Did you know that more than 45% of Americans are afraid to know what’s inside the hotdog.? Well, we are going to reveal it for you!

A Typical Hotdog:

Other Names

Main Ingredients



         Tube Steak






       Sausage made from:





       Mayo, Mustard etc.



What’s The Problem If My Dog Eats Hotdog?

You must be anxious by now to know why cant my dog eat hotdogs. Hotdogs may contain ingredients that are not good for dogs. The contents particularly harmful for dogs are as follows:

Sodium Nitrate

It contains Sodium Nitrate. This has been linked to cancer.

Monosodium Glutamate

Next, its another ingredient in hotdog called Monosodium Glutamate or commonly known as MSG


The seasonings in the hotdogs may also be problematic for the dogs. These are garlic, onion powder, garlic & onions both are not safe for dogs and considered toxic for dogs to eat.

Artificial Sweeteners

Sugars or artificial sweeteners may be used in hotdogs which are not good for dog consumption.


Finally, the most potential harmful for dog to eat is salt. According to the National Academy of Sciences, a normal dog that weights at least 33 pounds needs only 200 mg of sodium per day. On the other hand, an average hotdog contains about 500 mg sodium. Thus, it crosses the limit while we can’t do that with our dog.


Feeding too much sodium to dog can lead to dehydration. Hence, lead to high blood pressure.

Choking Hazard

At last, hot dogs can be a choking hazard specially for big dogs. A dog may eat hotdog and try to swallow it without chewing.

What Happens If Your Dog Eat Hotdogs by Accident?

The Problem If My Dog Eats Hotdog

Hotdogs are common food to eat at home. There may come a time when either your kid stuff your dog a hotdog or may be your dog takes matters in his hands and try to party on hotdog himself.

If your dog eats a hotdog when you aren’t looking don’t panic. One hotdog may not cause any harm. But you have to be vigilant and be alert for any side effects like bellyache, diarrhea, vomiting etc.

Give him a lot of water because it can make him thirsty. If he doesn’t get enough water, he will become dehydrated which is a potential threat.

What Are Safe Alternatives to Hotdogs?

Now we know that hotdog is not a safe food for dog because of the added ingredients. Alternatively, you can give your dog plain meat like chicken, beef, pork etc. Make sure there’s no sauce or seasoning on it. Meat should be cut up into small pieces which can be chewed easily. Its best to boil the meat beforehand. Therefore, be sure to be on the safer size and avoid all choking hazards.


Hotdogs may be a tempting and delicious treat for your dog. But not a good choice for your pooch. Can dog eat hotdogs? The concluded answer is No. Due to many added ingredients, it’s not recommended food that a dog can eat. Though you may give it to him occasionally at a barbecue. Make sure to give him plain chicken, pork or beef with no salt and other ingredients in it. Avoid feeding salt to your dog in any food, this can cause your dog vomit, diarrhea, dehydration etc. Take care of your pups. Since, we all need and love healthy dogs.








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