Can My Dog Eat Bacon?

Let us guess! You’re an enthusiastic lover of preserved pork, whether it’s ham or bacon, whatever. If yes, you must give yourself a treat by cooking some bacon to add charm to your weekend. Well, what about your canine companion, who continuously strives to find what’s inside your bowl, every time you cook some bacon for yourself? You must be wondering, “Can my dog eat bacon?” “If yes, which nutrients will bacon provide to my dog?” Keep reading to get answers to your questions!

Dogs love to eat meat due to their carnivorous nature. When it comes to bacon which releases a powerful, instant, and savory smell, your dog will leave no stone unturned to eat it. But is it safe for your pup? There is no clear YES or NO to this question. Actually, bacon is ok for your dog as an occasional treat, but in controlled amounts. As it is salty and fatty, its overconsumption can lead to many complications in dogs. Let’s explore further details about it!

What is Bacon?

can my dog eat bacon

Before moving into the in-depth analysis of the question “can my dog eat bacon?” let’s first know what bacon is? Bacon is a preserved form of pork, made from the abdomen, sides, or less fatty parts of a pig’s body. On its own, you can eat it as a side dish in fried or baked form or as a flavoring addition to salads or soups.

Following are a few styles and types of bacon:

  • Slab bacon
  • Streaky bacon
  • Regular sliced bacon
  • Thin sliced (Speck)
  • Thick-cut bacon
  • Pancetta
  • Smoked and flavored bacon

Nutrients in Bacon

Bacon contains high salt and fat content, so it’s usually not a nutritious meal for humans and their furry companions as well. It was observed that raw bacon probably contains only 8.5% protein. Bacon is usually very high in minerals, i.e., sodium and a few essential vitamins.

Like many preserved or processed foods, bacon possesses a harmful additive called sodium nitrite, which has carcinogenic characteristics.

What Does Bacon Taste Like?

The taste of bacon is unpredictable and depends upon the breed of pig, the cutting methods, and how it was preserved. Generally, its taste is somewhere between salty and sweet.

Can My Dog Eat Raw Bacon?

From our point of view, the answer is clear “No.” Now, you might be thinking, why? It’s because there may be numerous tiny bacteria or parasites on raw bacon that pose a severe risk to your dog’s health. The high-fat content of bacon can also interfere with normal gastrointestinal tract functioning and lead to stomach problems in dogs. Especially if your dog is going through any medical condition, the bacon may trigger even more complications.

Can My Dog Eat Bacon? How Much Can I Give It To My Dog?

can my dog eat bacon

After making it clear that, “Can my dog eat bacon?” now your next question should be, “How much bacon can I give to my pup?”

First of all, keep in mind that bacon should not be a regular part of your dog’s routine diet. It would be best to give bacon only as an occasional treat. Moreover, while feeding your dog bacon, keep a careful eye on the amount of bacon he will consume.

Experts and many vets suggest that you must feed bacon to your dog according to its size and age. For example, if your dog is too young, you can offer ¼ strip of bacon to him. And for adult dogs, this amount will be ½ strips.

There are many “bacon products” available in the market. So if you don’t have time, go for those commercial products. But still, you have to keep in mind the recommended amount of bacon for your pup.

How Can I Serve Bacon to My Dog?

As mentioned above, bacon should only be given as a treat to your beloved pup. But in cooked form, raw or by combining with some other nutrient-rich source? Let’s have a look at how to serve bacon to your dog.

If you want to give a protein touch to your dog’s treat, why not offer bacon with eggs, i.e., omelet and fried eggs, etc.? To make this, you have to cook bacon properly and then pour it into fried eggs to make it crispy. And here you are with cooked bacon in your hands, going to feed to your pup!

Still, we will keep saying that bacon is not the best option and nutritious addition to your dog’s routine diet. We mean you can treat your dog with many nutritious foods other than bacon. But still, if you want to feed bacon, don’t forget to feed plain or cooked bacon to your furry friend.

Benefits and Risks

can my dog eat bacon

There are many side-effects of bacon for dogs. Although the benefits of bacon for dogs are very few, they do make their presence noticed. Following are some benefits and risks of bacon for  dogs:




Potassium is present in bacon in a considerable amount, supporting bone health, boosting heart activity, and providing muscle strength to dogs.


40% of bacon’s nutrient content comprises fats. Isn’t it shocking? Well, it can disturb the normal cholesterol level, leading to cardiovascular diseases.


The two minerals, selenium, and phosphorus constitute 50% of the total nutrient content of bacon. They are vital antioxidants that protect the dog’s body from the harm of free radicals.


Do you know every slice of bacon offers 130-14mg sodium? Believe it or not, but that’s true! Too much salt content can increase blood pressure linked to premature aging.


Being a source of vitamin B, it triggers cell production, strengthens brain cells, and boosts energy levels.


The most notable drawback of bacon is that it may contain nitrites and nitrates as it’s preserved food. These harmful additives increase the shelf-life of preserved foods. They can lead to the formation of carcinogenic cells in dogs’ bodies, causing cancer in different body parts.



We hope this article makes everything clear about bacon for dogs. Now, you can confidently answer this question from anyone “Can my dog eat bacon?” As a parent of too-cute fido, you should always consult your vet before adding anything to your dog’s diet. This will save you from any mishap and give you inner peace by having a healthy and happy pup in front of your eyes. Good luck, buddy!

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