Can my Dog Eat Eggplant?

In today’s agenda, we discuss, “Can my dog eat eggplant?”

Eggplant is also commonly known as Auberges. It is a dark purplish vegetable which is largely consumed by a number of people across the world. Incase you are a dog parent then you must be very intrigued. Whether you feed your dog an eggplant or not, is it safe? Shaped like an egg, a lot of people love adding eggplants to their diet. There are two reasons for it. Its peculiar taste and lots of nutrients.

Will your dog eat eggplant?

The main motive of this article is to figure out an answer for this question. Isn’t it?

If you look around your dog, he loves eating everything that you eat. For instance oranges, apples, meat, yogurt, potatoes or even cheese. Why will it not like eating eggplant? Eggplants have a very unusual taste. Consequently, many people avoid eating it. This is to say that your dog might not like eating eggplant too.

It, however, does not mean that eggplant or auberges are not safe for your dog. They are. Eggplants are not at all toxic and your dog can eat it without any trouble whatsoever.

Can Dog Eat Eggplant

Why should your dog eat eggplant?

Like many vegetables and fruits, eggplants have many advantages. They are jampacked with supplements which are beneficial for your dog.

Vitamins Vitamins A, B1, B6 and C act as protectors for your dog against many diseases. They also regenerate many dog cells after any damage.
Anthocyanins These are flavonoids that give the very unique color to an eggplant.
Polyphenols If your dog is diabetic, it will create a wall for an easy process of sugar intake.
Minerals Minerals are needed for your dog to have shiny hair, strong muscles and assist in obtaining a healthy life.
Nasunin If your dog’s brain is not efficiently working, an eggplant will act as a booster for it. Most vets recommend an eggplant because it acts as a damage control for any brain malfunctioning.
Low Fat An eggplant is highly advantageous if your dog is obese. Eggplants has no fat and are low in calories making it difficult for your dog to gain any more pounds.
Fiber High fiber which means your dog will not suffer through any constipation.

To summarize its many benefits, a diet that includes an eggplant will help your dog lead a very healthy life. Eggplants are good blood circulators, prevent heart and brain damages, fights off infections and is a great addition to a fuller diet.

Why should your dog eat eggplant

Dangers of feeding an Eggplant to dogs

Before we talk about its taste, let us find out the dangers that can affect your dog’s health if he consumes it on a regular basis.

Allergy: While most dogs will feel nothing after eating an eggplant, some might get an allergic reaction. Never feed the leaves of an eggplant to your dog. They are poisonous and so very deadly. You must be wondering, how does an allergic reaction look like in a dog after it eats an eggplant. Well, you need to watch out if your dog is itching, vomiting or getting loose motions. These symptoms mean a strong allergic reaction and that you need to rush him to a nearest vet.

Kidney Issue: Eggplants have seeds. Those seeds can ignite more troubles in a dog who is already suffering through kidney problems. If feeding an eggplant is a necessity then you must make sure to feed your dog in moderation.

Nightshade: Eggplants are slightly difficult digesting. Therefore, avoid giving it to your dog as it may trigger diarrhea and extreme stomach cramps.

Arthritis: An eggplant badly inflames dogs who are paralyzed and have debilitating bones. Better check with a vet before feeding one to your dog.

Different ways of feeding an Eggplant to your dog

The biggest concern for a dog owner is the TASTE of an eggplant which sadly, is the greatest danger too. Most people do not like the taste and avoid including auberges in their regular meals. The same rule applies on most dogs too. They will simply refuse eating it. Therefore, in order to feed an eggplant to your dog, you have to be as creative as possible.

You can either grill, boil or cook an eggplant. In this way, an eggplant will become way more interesting for your dog. It will probably not make your dog shoo away too. Whatever way you decide, but you must never give a raw eggplant to your dog. The seeds do not digest and will further create more gastrointestinal problems for your dog.

Fried eggplants are more liked by humans but giving them to your dog will pose a greater risk to your baby’s health. It increases cholesterol and can also give a burning sensation to your dog.

To change the taste of an eggplant, try inventing new recipes. Add it with yogurt, or any meat so the nutrition stays intact and the food becomes more flavour full. As a matter of fact, we recommend you to watch the video below so you know how interesting an eggplant becomes with chicken.


To summarize the whole article, a dog would only eat an eggplant if you make it interesting for him. Eggplants are safe and require no hard work to monitor your dog after it eats one. So you can go ahead and feed an eggplant without any worries.




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