Can My Dog Eat Onions?

As a dog owner, it sure is difficult to guage what food to give and what to hold to your canine baby. As in the case of vegetables, we know that there are many vegetables that dogs can eat regularly, including fruits. On the other hand, there is a huge list of vegetables that are extremely toxic to your dog’s body too. Can my dog eat onions has to be the most important question if you are talking about vegetables. To find out, let us dig further into the issue.

Can my dog eat onions?

When you know that your baby pup gets attracted to food, you want to feed him everything you eat. Onions are cooked in all houses and is found in almost every dish. But will foods with onions be safe for dogs? The answer is no. Unfortunately onions belong to the family of those vegetables that are highly dangerous for dogs. Irrespective of how you serve onions to dogs, they are extremely toxic and make your dog sick.

Onion toxicity varies according to the size and age of your dog. This sure includes the amount of onion your dog has eaten. As a dog owner, it becomes your prime responsibility to keep an eye on your dog whenever you are cooking something with onion. It is also to note that your involvement with onions will be extremely usual because onions are part of our lives.

Why can my dog not eat onions?

Can Dogs Eat Onions? - Wag!

Like grapes, onions are also proven to be harmful because of a certain type of chemical. N-propyl disulfide¬†is a compound that stops oxygen to pass through the red blood cells of your dog. Consequently, the whole process develops anemia making it difficult for your dog to function properly. If not checked on time, it can lead to your dog’s fatal death.
However, it is okay if your dog ingests a small amount of onions because it will not have a great impact on his body. Nonetheless, it is highly advised by most veterinarians to avoid giving onions to your pups at all costs.

Symptoms of an Onion Reaction:

Anemia is a direct reaction when your dogs consume an overdose of onion eating. You should look out for following symptoms in order to take further actions:

  • Lethargy
  • Dizziness
  • Discolored Urine
  • Lightness of skin colour

Given the availability of onions in every house, your dog can accidently eat it and quickly get into greater complications. If your dog suddenly behaves irrationally and is extremely lethargic, its time for a vet’s opinion.

How to treat onion reaction in dogs?

It is heartbreaking to see your dog suffer through illnesses he does not deserve. If you see your dog getting pale, not running as excitedly as he normally would or facing urinary tractions, it is time to go to a vet. As already explained, these are all symptoms of an extreme reaction from a dangerous food intake which may include onions. Your vet is going to treat your pup according to how bad the reaction is. He is going to conduct several tests and obtain your dog’s prior health history in order to correctly diagnose a correct treatment. There are several other ways to which will help your dog stabilize till the actual treatment starts.

  • Flush your dog’s stomach to scram all onion toxicity.
  • Urge your dog to vomit out everything he has taken inside.
  • Your dog can be put on IV to make him hydrated. This will also balance the blood pressure till your dog comes back to normalcy.
  • Sometimes, if your dog has an extreme reaction, he may need blood transfusions and be put on oxygenated supplements to help him breathe normally.

Types of Onions:

We have round onions, green onions and their roots. Regardless of their color or shape, they are dangerous for your dogs if you do not monitor the amount he eats. Either you cook onions or keep onions broth, there is no safety guaranteed and your dog will still succumb to the onion poison. If you are buying food from outside, make sure the ingredient does not have anything that is somehow connected to onions. Even the onion powder which is used in a very small amount can become dangerous for your dog.


The greatest dilemma for a dog owner in serving any food is to know that onions are basically part of everything that we eat. This automatically becomes a threat to your dog because he eats whatever you eat. The only way to keep your dog safe from the wrath of an onion reaction is to check all ingredients personally. Any food that belongs to the allium family for example, onions, garlic, grapes are dangerous. These should be kept as far as possible from your baby pup so he doesn’t have to suffer at the end of the day.


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