Do Mice Eat Dog Food?

Mice, rodents or rats, are you not sick of them? These are petty creatures who are nothing less than parasites eating any and everything lying on your kitchen counter. Due to their size, these littluns can roam around anywhere, even at the littlest corner where you cant even get a finger inside. They create a havoc if not controlled earlier. And if your house is a home to your dog, you’d see them pelting all over your dog’s food bowl. We are sure you wonder, do mice eat dog food?

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Why Do Mice Eat Dog Food?

Mice literally eat everything. They eat the leftovers, stale and raw food. Dog owners should worry when they see a rodent rambling on their space. Since food acts as a magnet for mice, they can end up eating everything your dog eats. Mice do not have any specific taste. Their eating habits are not restricted to one kind of food. They will eat your food and also your dog food. Additionally, they will also end up eating grass or even flowers if need arises. Conclusively the answer to why mice eat dog food is because they have a go getter attitude towards food. Hence, they consume food whenever an opportunity arises.


Should Mice Eat Dog Food?

Technically speaking, you should keep away all foods including the canine food because mice can infect them. Many studies show that rodents can easily destroy food upto 10times making it impossible for your dog to eat. The consequences of your dog eating contaminated food is severe. It can bring in a variety of diseases such as food pensioning, rabies, typhoid etc. Mice can leave their faces, hair or urinary particles infecting everything that comes their way. In short, rodents MUST be kept away for your dog to have a safe and healthy life.

Measures to Block Mice from Coming in:

If you want your dog to stay safe from the wrath of mice, you must take some measures to block them from barging into your area. Below are some steps that should help you stop rats eating your pup’s food.

Clean your house:

This should be a big deal for you if your house is not clean. Rats enter spaces that are mostly untidy and have smells coming off the place. For them to not find your house attractive, you must keep your house clean.

Empty the dog bowl:

You will mostly observe rats roaming around freely when everyone is asleep. This is because they stay awake throughout the night and that is when they party. Before you sleep, make sure that you keep your dog’s bowl empty. There should not be any food particle visible otherwise, rodents will regularly inspect the bowl and will end up infecting it.

Wash your dog’s bowl:

Your dog is your baby and you have to take all measures for him to have a healthy life, isn’t it? If you see even a single rodent enter your house, know that the whole family has formed their habitat at your place. If that’s the case then you must wash your dog’s bowl every time he finishes his food or before your serve him one. As they say, better to be safe than sorry. Just be safe than be sorry seeing your dog suffering because you forgot to clean his bowl.

Keep the dog food at a safe place:

As rats get attracted to all foods, it is no wonder that they will also pounce on your dog’s food. Irrespective of the type, they will love munching onto your baby pup’s snacks. As a dog owner, if your have rodents around, you must keep the food at a safe place. Buy different containers, seal them, lock them and keep the food intact. If the food gets compromised, your dog will eventually suffer.

Seal all corners:

To prevent mice entering your house, you have to be observant of all areas that have minute openings. Rodents are intelligent creatures who can turn and twirl just to enter the place they find attractive. You have to play it more intelligently when you are dealing with mice on your own; seal all corners, get those broken windows repaired, check in all the drains and stop all openings. This is one of the safest ways to seal all corners.

Seek professional help:

Sometimes you will have to seek professional help to get your house rid of rodents. there are several pest controlling companies which can fumigate your house and completely get rid of this grave problem.


To conclude the whole article, we can say that mice eat dog food but if you plan to follow the steps given above, you will see that your dog’s health will not be compromised. You will be able to keep his food safe and stop those nasty mice from eating your baby pup’s food.

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