Can a Dog Eat Turkey Leg Bone?

Brown stray dog eating bone in a sidewalk

If you belong to a family where holiday dinner is all about roasting and basting a bird, you might often cook some turkey for Thanksgiving. What about your dog who’s sitting on the kitchen floor, looking at you to offer some turkey to him as well? Its facial expressions force you to share turkey with him too. But before giving a leg piece of turkey to him, you must ask yourself the question, “Can a dog eat turkey leg bone?” “Is it safe for a dog’s health”? The quick answer to this question is yes, but with few instructions in … Read more

Is Tuna Good for Dogs with Kidney Disease?


Kidney disease is not just a disease but a battle for you and your dog. From pain management to frequent urination, it surely can drive you crazy. According to stats by the International Interest Society (IRIS), 0.5-1% of dogs are affected by chronic kidney disease. The elder dogs are more prone and at high risk for this condition. By following a healthy diet and proper treatment you can manage this condition. Research says that if you feed your pup with a special diet that is meant for certain diseases, it can increase the life span of your pet. Hence, the … Read more

What to feed a pregnant dog that wont eat?

pregnant dog

As a dog parent, it is frustrating to wonder what to feed your pregnant dog that wont eat? To be honest, we all know that pregnancy is hard. Not just for humans but also for dogs. Pregnancy makes your dog sick, moody, irritated and so very drowsy.  During the very start of pregnancy, your dog wont eat. This habit may get prolonged too, depending on various other factors. As her emotions and body are going through changes, so it is just very normal for her to not like to eat or do anything. Supporting your dog in such a time … Read more

Will Dogs with Bloat Still Want to Eat?

Will Dogs with Bloat Still Want to Eat? Bloat is a small word but it has huge consequences. It is the most dreaded condition for dog owners and Vets. Bloat can result in the death of a dog if not treated as a priority. Will a dog with bloat still want to eat or not depends upon the situation of the dog. For this, we need to understand everything about bloat. What is bloat? Bloat is a simple term used for Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus. GDV is a life-threatening situation that can develop in anybody, especially big dogs. When a … Read more

Can Diabetic Dog Eats Chicken Breast?

Feeding a dog a balanced diet that meets all their dietary needs is difficult. Things become even tougher when the dog in question is diabetic. You need to take special care with what you give the dog since too much sugar can have a lot of adverse effects on their health. Most people recommend chicken breast as the ideal food for dogs. However, is it true? Can diabetic dog eats chicken breast? Benefits of Chicken Breast for Dogs Chicken breast is a primary ingredient in most company dog foods, and for good reasons too. Chicken meat is rich in protein … Read more