Can dog eat yogurt?

Dogs and Yogurt

We are sure you know how beneficial yogurt is for yourself including your dog. But can dog eat yogurt? Is yogurt helpful or problematic for him? Should you include yogurt in his meals or give him as a side pop? These are questions which keep popping up in your mind without any solid answer. Let us help you find answers to all this madness. Can dog eat yogurt? Yes, they can but should they? This has to be your most primary concern. Dogs are sensitive animals and need to be taken care of. In today’s world where every thing is … Read more

Can Dog Eat Hotdogs?

dog eat hotdog

Who doesn’t love hotdogs? Whether it’s a BBQ sausage or a grilled delicious hotdog. Hotdogs are favorite food for adults and kids alike. But can dog eat hotdogs? Munching on sausages may be very appealing to your dog. Partying on a cool summer day and eating yummy hotdogs, you might wonder there’s no harm feeding some to my dog as a treat. There’s no harm is there? Let’s see what’s inside your favorite food. What’s In a Hotdog? FUNFACT Did you know that more than 45% of Americans are afraid to know what’s inside the hotdog.? Well, we are going … Read more

Can My Dog Eat Pears?

Do you often love to treat yourself with delicious and sweet fruit salad? Which fruits do you swap in this all-in-one salad whenever you crave some juicy fruit? Pear is a mild, tasty, low-calorie, bell-shaped fruit that offers numerous benefits to your dog. So if you are surfing the sites to know, “Can my dog eat pears?”, take a breath, wait a minute. “Peas are good for your dog.” Which other fruit can be more favorable and sweet than pear as the best summer treat for your dogs? We know that pear will be a  must-add fruit in your fruit … Read more

How Many Eggs Can a Dog Eat?

dog eating egg

There was a time when there was no processed food, no colorful advertisement, and no commercial food for pets and dogs. What did you feed your dog at that time you may ask! Animals and pets were given what they are supposed to eat, natural organic food along with human food as snacks, that are healthy for them. Eggs are a great source of vitamins, protein, amino acids, and minerals. It is good to know that you care about your dog and are looking for how many eggs can a dog eat? That’s a good start. Your canine may or … Read more

Can dogs eat mac n cheese?

Can dogs eat mac n cheese

Imagine this. You are pulling the tray of freshly baked mac n cheese out of your oven. Meanwhile, you look down and your dog is standing there, looking at you to feed him that delicious smelling food.  Exactly at that time, you might ask yourself this question. Can dogs eat mac n cheese? In one word, yes. You can feed your dog with mac n cheese, rarely. However, you probably should not, too often. Because it is not healthy and nutritional for them to eat on a daily basis.  Initially, if your dog has eaten some mac n cheese accidentally, … Read more

How Much Cheese Can a Dog Eat?

How much cheese can a dog eat?

There’s no denying it, dogs love cheese. Whenever you’re eating something cheesy, they always want a bite-not that they don’t want a bite of everything else you eat, but that’s a story for another time. How many times have you tried to feed your dog some of your pizza, and stopped in concern? Is cheese okay for dogs you thought? Should I give it to him? Well, you’re never going to need to think again about how much cheese can a dog eat again. We’re bringing you the answer right now. Is Cheese Harmful to Dogs? The cheese itself is … Read more

How to stop food aggression in dogs towards other dogs

Dog food aggression towards other dogs

Just like any other pet, dogs can be possessive, especially when it is about their food. The worry is when the dog shows aggression to protect their food, and in turn, becomes cautious about everything they possess. In such a situation, it is essential to learn how you can stop food aggression in dogs because if you have more than one dog, food sharing can become a serious issue. Many dogs start to bark and fight, not letting the other one come near to their food. Food aggression in dogs can be mild, which involves growling, and in severe situations, … Read more

What kind of dog food is best for Pit bulls?

Best dog food for pitbulls

Pit bulls are a high-spirited and robust breed of dogs. They are not just assertive and aggressive but also very intelligent, friendly, active, and incredibly energetic. Pit bull is a high-energy breed of dogs and so requires a solid diet with adequate nutrition. While all other breeds of dogs have the same nutritional requirements, this particular breed requires special dietary and nutritional requirements. Pit bulls do not require any specific type of food, but they need a particular set of nutrients to function adequately. They adore humans and love to spend time with the people they love. Is there a better … Read more

Can a dog eat an apple?

Comfort me with apples i am sick of love! Whether your dog is throwing tantrums or he just needs a quick snack you keep wondering can a dog eat an apple? Apples are happy healthy yummy food. Some canine loves to devour on this delicious fruit. While others do not so much. Whether a dog can eat an apple or not entirely depends upon you, your dog, and his mood Benefits Vs Risks of Eating Apples for dog: Let us see what can the pros and cons of giving apple fruit to your dog: Risks Benefits If the core of … Read more

What did dogs eat before dog food?

Dogs eat dogfood because we make them eat it but what did the dogs eat before the advent of dogfood? The correct answer is EVERYTHING. To read on that, let us evaluate and talk about some basics first. Dogs are natural creatures and so, love to eat everything. This is also one of the reasons your dog is always found limbering over your food. Not to forget that a dog or any other animal’s most important goal in life is to eat, sleep and keep doing these two on repeat. What did dogs eat before dog food? Just as the … Read more