How to tell if dry dog food is bad?

Dog Food

How to tell if the dry dog food is bad? Watching your dog being playful and happy is so heart-warming. Dogs are our babies and we run after them to have food and be healthy. But sometimes feeding your dog becomes point of concern.  If your dog is turning his head from food at feeding … Read more

How to Keep Older Dog From Eating Puppy Food?

puppy food is different than adult food

There are two reasons why your adult dog might be eating puppy food. The first is that it has been eating puppy food all this time, and is unable to give it up now. The second reason is that you have an adult dog and a puppy in the house. Dogs have a habit of … Read more

How Much Fiber Should be in Dog Food?

Fiber Dog Food

Fiber is an essential component of the human diet because it lowers cholesterol, helps to keep our digestive systems running smoothly. It even helps our hearts stay healthy and strong. But what about our canine companions, though? Is it appropriate to apply the same philosophy to your dog? How much Fiber should be in dog … Read more