Why is my dog burying her food?

Why is my dog burying her food? If you are a concerned dog owner and love to explore things about your babies, you must be apprehensive about the lost toys and stuff from your house. It is quite a normal experience for every dog person that when he offers a new toy or a treat to his dog, he finds it buried in the house yard. Dog burying her food with a nose or even chewed toys might make you curious to know the science behind it. Furthermore, this saga does not limit to dog-related items only – someday, you …

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What should I do if my dog eats cat food?

What should I do if my dog eats cat food

What should you do if your dog eats cat food? Nothing. Yes. The answer to this question is nothing. You do not need to do anything if your dog accidently eats cat food. You can let your dog eat cat food and enjoy for as long as it is not peddling with its health. But then again, the whole equation changes if your dog becomes habitual of eating cat food. Why does my dog eat cat food? As a pet owner, you must be wondering what is it that makes your dog eat cat food? Is it the taste? Is …

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How To Keep Birds Away from Dog Food – A Concise Guide

Having a pet is superb. Why? Because they are great companions. Also, they keep the environment of your home friendly. Your house looks inviting to every pet lover, and you attract similar energy. Besides, pets help you get immune to specific allergies. Most importantly, they push down the levels of stress in the body and keep you fit. However, it is necessary to make arrangements on How to keep birds away from dog food? Dogs are one of the most loyal pets. They love you and show their affection a lot. The connection they have with their owner is unmatchable. …

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How Much Chicken to Feed a Dog Daily?

feed a dog

How much chicken does your dog need to be fed daily? 10 gms, 50 gms or more? You’d surely wouldn’t know till you realize that your dog is a living individual that loves to eat chicken just the way, we humans do? Isn’t it? We all know that chicken is one of the most common ingredients in dog food. You must now think that instead of buying the exorbitantly priced dog food, why can’t you just feed your dog daily the chicken it wants? Well, let us try to bifurcate this below and talk about the do’s, don’ts and the …

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How to tell if dry dog food is bad?

Dog Food

How to tell if the dry dog food is bad? Watching your dog being playful and happy is so heart-warming. Dogs are our babies and we run after them to have food and be healthy. But sometimes feeding your dog becomes point of concern.  If your dog is turning his head from food at feeding time then most probably your dog food has gone bad. Dog food does expire especially once you have opened the can/packaged food. How to tell if dry dog food is bad? Here is what you need to know about rancid kibble. First, you know that …

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