How Long Does It Take a Chihuahua To Digest Food?

How Long Does It Take a Chihuahua To Digest Food?

How long does it take a chihuahua to digest food

Are You Wondering How Long Does It Take a Chihuahua To Digest Food?

Dogs love to trick and treat! They have their favorites when it comes to food. We love feeding them which keeps them healthy and energetic. If you are a Chihuahua parent you must enjoy treating them to their cherished meals. However, seldom do we think about how long does it take a Chihuahua to digest food? These edibles may take time to break down in your little chihuahua’s body.

Every day you are taking the dog poop out! If you are thinking about the digestion process of your canine while cleaning up after him and wondering to yourself: How exactly does dogs’ digestion work? Then this informational blog is for you to go through!

Tiny Dog Big Personality- how long does it take a Chihuahua to digest food?

Have you ever seen a cutie wearing a sweater looking with those puppy eyes and pointed ears? Yes! You guessed it right! this is a perfect appearance of Chihuahuas. They need extra warmth for their small bodies in cold weather. Chihuahuas are adorable little pups with huge personalities. They can be cute and turn you into their biggest fan. They are famous for being fiercely loyal, playful, and being a symbol of Mexico.

Small size Small Temperament

Chihuahuas are company lovers. They are great lapdogs who want a lot of your attention and time. They love to rest and be cuddly or soak up in the sun. These dogs are like a person living in your house. Thus, they give good company and are protectors of the house. They have a small temperament and don’t let strangers around them. These head-strong creatures tend to be comfortable around just a few people. They are one-person dogs and bond with that person only.

Tranquil To Care

Chihuahuas are low-maintenance dogs. You can easily care for them with casual brushing and regular baths. These doggies don’t shed much hair. They love being cuddled up in blankets and sweaters. Their small bodies don’t tolerate cold weather well. While feeding them it’s best to take the opinion of your veterinarian. They should be fed high-quality food to maintain their health. You can also feed some of the human foods to your dog.

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How Long Does It Take a Chihuahua To Digest Food?


There is no direct answer to this. To keep your pet’s health optimal, watch out for their digestion. Likewise, the bowels and digestion indicate dogs’ health best. Following are the things to consider that we have compiled for you to get answers about the digestion of your chihuahua dog:

  • Food stays in Chihuahua’s stomachs for up to 8-10 hours.
  • Every canine is different. Some want to breakdown/poop within five minutes of having food. Others may take up to 30 minutes.
  • Some foods make them poop earlier which includes apples, beans, flaxseeds, kiwi, pears, artichokes. These are high-fiber foods that speed up digestion.
  • Don’t take your dog out for a walk or exercise right after feeding them. As soon as he finish his food he should not exert himself.
  • If your dog had a large meal, he might get bloated within 2-3 hours of eating.
  • The signs of bloating in your dogs are painful looks, restlessness, distress, drooling and panting, etc.
  • Small puppies need to go out after each meal. At least wait about 20 minutes to take the puppy out. For adult dogs, you can wait up to 1-2 hours.
  • How long does it take a chihuahua to digest food may differ with each doggy! Doctors tell us that the process of digestion in a pup’s stomach is a little bit slower than in humans. Although food and edibles move through chihuahuas intestines move faster.
  • According to facts transmit time of the gastrointestinal process is 6-8 for dogs.
  • It is okay for your Chihuahua not to have a bowel movement in 24 hours. But if it’s exceeded 2 days then he may be constipated.

Ways to promote your Chihuahuas digestion?

Good digestion means good health. Firstly, keep your pup happy & healthy by taking care of him. Briefly, check out our tips and tricks for the contented tummy and easy digestion.

Breaking the Meals:

Giving 2-3 smaller means always help. If your Chihuahua is having a digestive issue, instead of giving one huge hearty edible meal try to break them into 3 meals.


Next, take your chihuahua out for play and exercise. Also, moving helps to promote digestion. On the contrary, don’t go overboard with running. Slow and steady walks are best for a little chihuahua.


Giving vitamins is one of the effective ways to aid a healthy digestive cycle. If your chihuahua is a picky eater, then it’s a must to supplement his food with a vitamin. This ensures to fulfill their nutritional needs.

No Stress Zone:

Anxiety and stress have a direct link with digestion. When puppies are not in a mood they usually leave their food bowl full without eating anything. Furthermore, fear or anxiety can cause them to have loose bowels. In addition, make sure to keep a check if anything is bothering them. It simply may be bullying of another pet or need more attention from you.


In conclusion, every dog and breed are different. For this reason, they may react to food and lifestyles differently. Keeping a dog is just not about privilege, it’s a great responsibility! Therefore, follow an adequate diet and look out for distress in your little chihuahua and he shall be fine and great.



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