How Many Eggs Can a Dog Eat?

There was a time when there was no processed food, no colorful advertisement, and no commercial food for pets and dogs. What did you feed your dog at that time you may ask! Animals and pets were given what they are supposed to eat, natural organic food along with human food as snacks, that are healthy for them. Eggs are a great source of vitamins, protein, amino acids, and minerals.

It is good to know that you care about your dog and are looking for how many eggs can a dog eat? That’s a good start. Your canine may or may not be a fan of munching eggs but they are exceptionally healthy dogs can eat them easily. They are appetizing, digestible, full of nutrients, not to forget easily available and prepared.


Are Eggs Good for Dogs?

The simple answer is what you already guessed. Yes, eggs are perfectly safe for dogs to consume. Although you shouldn’t give the egg as the main meal. They make the best supplements and treatments for dogs. It’s an easy way to make your dog happy. Just give him an egg and he will be happy and healthy. The proteins, minerals & vitamins, and fatty acids make the eggs good for dogs.

Which Eggs Are Good for dogs?

There are many types of eggs available in the market. But the best ones are the organic ones that come from the farms where hens are fed organic diets. It’s simple science, the healthier the chickens, the healthier and more nutritious will be the quality of their eggs.


Eggs can cure an upset tummy. If your dog has loose motions eggs can help in diarrhea.

How Many Eggs Can a Dog Eat in a day?

How much depends upon the size and age of your dog. However, eggs should be given as treats. There are 70 calories in an egg. The rule is that eggs should make 10 % of the total calories that you feed your dog. No dog should eat more than one egg in a day. As the saying goes, excess of everything is bad. The high calories in eggs can lead to weight gain and other issues for the dog. If you exceed more than an egg then it may not remain a healthy option.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs?

Eggs may a good source of nutrition for your dogs but feeding raw eggs are a no-no. Why because raw or even undercooked eggs may be dangerous for your dog. The reason behind this is contracting Salmonella that is present in the egg.

Salmonella is a bacterium that can be carried by live poultry. This can contaminate the eggs from inside even before the shells are formed. Therefore, raw eggs are never advised for anyone animal or human.

What To Do if Your Dog Eats Raw Egg: (How many eggs can a dog eat?)

If your dog by any chance eats a raw egg lookout for symptoms and any problematic side effects. Give a call to your local vet and ask him for suggestions.

Can Dogs Eat Egg Shells?


Though it may be a little weird, dogs can eat eggshells too. A boiled egg makes a great meal for a dog including the shell. Crunchy much? You can grind the shells and sprinkle them over the boiled egg. Never give the egg as a whole and break it to minimize the choking hazard.

Are Egg Shells Nutritious for Dogs ? (How many eggs can a dog eat?)

You may wonder why to bother to give the shells to your dog! Because it is full of calcium. With the egg, it becomes an added source of nutrients. In addition, you should always put boiled eggshells in your dog’s food to avoid the risk of salmonella.

5 Risks of Giving Eggs to Your Dog:

We discussed everything about how much eggs can a dog eat. But there is limitation to everything. Precautions should be taken while feeding eggs to your dog.

1) Eggs are high in cholesterol. You should be cautious if your canine has certain health problems relating to cholesterol.

2) You should never feed raw eggs to your dog. It may be a cause of salmonella which imposes risks to the dog’s health.

3) Eating eggs may create gastrointestinal upset to the dog’s tummy. This is however a minor side effect.

4) Some dogs may face allergic reactions after eating eggs, but the chances of this occurrence are very low.

5) Eating excessive eggs can make your dog gain weight and be at risk of obesity.


In conclusion, eggs are delicious and healthy food for your dog. There are delicious, easy to cook and eat. They are not only the source of proteins but also contain linoleic acid, Vitamin B2, and B12, and water-soluble Vitamin A. They can even be helpful when your dog has an upset stomach. Finally, how many eggs can a dog eat depends upon size, age and various other factors. Always remember, one egg a day is the approximate limit of eggs a dog should eat daily.






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