How Much Chicken to Feed a Dog Daily?

How much chicken does your dog need to be fed daily? 10 gms, 50 gms or more? You’d surely wouldn’t know till you realize that your dog is a living individual that loves to eat chicken just the way, we humans do? Isn’t it?

We all know that chicken is one of the most common ingredients in dog food. You must now think that instead of buying the exorbitantly priced dog food, why can’t you just feed your dog daily the chicken it wants?

Well, let us try to bifurcate this below and talk about the do’s, don’ts and the amount of chicken your dog needs every day to help you find an answer to the question above.

Is chicken necessary to feed a dog daily?

Absolutely yes! Chicken is a solid form of protein for all living beings, including your dog. Besides that, it is the cheapest meat available on the racks currently. Chicken meat is not only healthy, it has less fats and gets digested quickly. ALSO, most processed food has chicken in them already.

Does that mean you should only feed chicken to your dog daily? NEVER. Your dog is just like your baby, hence, requires all nutrients, not just proteins (in the form of chicken only) to grow healthily. It needs a balance of all vitamins, carbs, proteins, fats and minerals to have strength and the muscle it needs to function with, every day. Therefore, giving your dog the best of everything is necessary, not just important. You may include, raw or cooked chicken and other forms of MEAT, vegetables, grains and broth etc. in your dog food as per your decision.

Since we are talking about the effects on dogs of different food variants, you can look for further details pertaining to the dry dog food

Is raw chicken a good substitute for dog food?

Any meat, when eaten raw can be substantially dangerous for your dog. Same applies on raw chickens too. The risk of an infection exponentially increases with the offering of raw chicken to your dog although a lot of research suggests otherwise. Although chicken, when cooked, can become a good substitute for dog food depending on your dog’s likes, digestion, health and a lot of other factors.

Can you tell how much is too much or too less for your beloved dog?

There literally is no right answer for this. The amount of chicken you may want to feed your dog with, depends on multiple factors including:

Weight and Height

The calculator further in the article will prove the importance of your dog’s weight and height. They often act as the main decider in determining the number of chickens your dog requires.


Metabolism is all about digestion. Very rarely, dogs may find it difficult to digest chicken and so you need to work around and see what best suits your dog. In a normal scenario, chicken is quickly digested because of its slenderly, light form.


Your dog’s lifestyle may differ to any other dog. Your dog can be hyper active or casually drowsy. You got to work out around it to fulfill all nourishing aspects of a good chicken feed. It should include all calories it needs to keep it active and fuller.

How much chicken to feed a dog daily?

You must know two factors in order to decide the amount of chickens to feed your dog daily:

Diet solely based on chicken to feed a dog daily

If you decide on feeding solely chickens (raw or cooked) to your dog, you must make sure that all nutritional benefits are achieved. Since chicken meat is a fuller meal, your dog may need a lot less than the processed, dry, dog food that it usually has. It is rich in Omega, have essential Amino acids and high in Proteins keeping your dog active, healthy and happy.


Mathematically speaking, it needs to have around 3% of chicken multiplied with its total weight.

Your dog’s weight = 25 kgs x (3/100) = 0.75kg

So basically, your dog needs around 75 grams of solely chicken meat to survive daily with no dog treat, bones including any other dog food.

Needless to say, but you can find many calculators online that can work out this Math for you.

Diet with processed canned food and chicken to feed a dog daily

You love your dog and love to treat it royally. Royal treatment includes all his favorite snacks. It likes chicken, dog food, bones, grains and sometimes loves licking onto some broth too. If your dog’s diet is a mixture of various canned foods, your dog will require a lot less chicken. Refer to the various nutritional charts to calculate the total calories, fats and nutrition needed for your dogs, with chickens included in its daily food.

Chicken is a great source of nourishment compared to other meat. It is enticing to eat, light and easy to digest and a complete meal on its own. Isn’t it good feeding your dog the same chicken that we, as humans, love to devour too?


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