How to deal with a dog that is always hungry?

Does your dog follow you around the kitchen and try to melt your heart with those big puppy eyes? No matter how much dog food you give them, does it look like your puppy can never get enough? If you are worried about your dog’s insatiable appetite, then you are not alone. Although dogs indeed have a voracious appetite and eat-while-you-can mentality; however, if your puppy begs for more dog food right after completing a meal is worrisome.

Below are some bite-sized tips for you to add to the dog food if you find it challenging to deal with your always-hungry puppy

Dog looking at croissant and coffee

Nutritious Food and Supplements

Nutritional deficiency may not be a prevalent problem among dogs, but if your dog sniffs for more food right after eating, then it may be possible that the meals lack enough nutrition. Nutrition like vitamins, minerals and amino acids may either be too low or not at all in dog food. Hence, the lack of sufficient levels of needed nutrients in the dog food can be a reason why your dog won’t stop sniffing.

You can alter the dog food and look for other nutrient-dense food options for your fur baby in such a situation.  However, the best way to go about it would be to check with your vet and add the necessary supplements to your dog’s diet. High-fiber supplements help to keep dogs full for longer!

Discourage the Begging behavior by Not Giving In.

We are all well aware that dogs’ wolf ancestors were scavengers, but after spending time around humans, dogs learned the best strategies to get food. As much as it’s natural for dogs to beg, it’s not the sweetest dog behavior.

You may feel guilty when you ignore the begging behavior, but as hard as that might be to resist those loving eyes and cute faces, you must act wisely and resist the begging to become a permanent habit. Beware because dogs learn how you react to their behaviors and take advantage. And guess what? They learn quickly!

Consistency is the Key

Make sure that your family and friends are on the same page as you. Your dogs can only learn through consistency. There is no way to sit your pet down and teach them good manners. However, consistency is the name of the game. If your dog is still rewarded for begging from other people, he will continue to use this as a good strategy, so unlearning the begging behaviour would become impossible.

Hold the Treats!

The packaging of the treats make the food appear healthy, organic and wholesome but do you really think that extra salt, sugar and preservatives would do much good to your dog’s health? Hence reading the labels is extremely essential when purchasing the treats. In case of any doubts- abort mission!

Furthermore, always give the treats in small quantities even if your dog sniffs for more and try to replace the treats with healthier alternatives like carrots and apples instead of a packaged option. Mostly, dogs get excited with any treat. Therefore, it is best to bulk up their meals and treats in healthy ways to curb their unhealthy appetite.

Always consult the vet before you start giving new treats because choosing the treats wisely and feeding your dog in moderation is the best decision you can take as a pet parent.

Puppy enjoying human food-Dog treat

Stick to a strict schedule

Dogs are creatures of habit, so a routine feeding schedule will help you build a healthy lifestyle for your pet. Avoid the practice of free-feeding your dog and instead stick to a strict feeding ritual. This will help to discourage your dog from overheating and keep the appetite under control.

A reliable feeding schedule will keep your dog content because mealtimes are fundamental parts of their day.

Food Puzzle Toys

Food puzzle toys are designed to make the dogs learn to eat slower than they usually do. Dogs eat faster, mostly when they live with other dogs of the same kind. They try to compete with others in an attempt to consume most of the food by themselves. Therefore, if your dog has similar habits, then food puzzle toys would come in handy for you.

Moreover, Food puzzle toys vary in the degree of difficulty, so that you can select one depending on your dog’s experiences and age. However, if you fail to choose the right one, your dog will most likely give up on the food, so be wise while making such a decision because you definitely would not want to starve your baby dogs right?

However, If your pet ends up enjoying the food play- they will definitely have a BLAST!

Adopted Dogs tend to Eat More.

Rescued and adopted animals tend to eat more than the ones who live in secure homes. Hence, if you have adopted your dog or rescued it, the chances are that you will need to develop healthy eating habits in your pet. With time and effort, it will feel secure and wait for the meal times patiently.

Final Word

If you have considered all the ways as mentioned above of dealing with your hungry dog but are still in vain, then it is probably time for you to schedule a vet’s appointment. It may be possible that parasites are residing in the intestinal tract and taking nutrition from the host, making it eat voraciously.

Furthermore, your vet will also rule out any other health issue like diabetes. Excessive hunger is a common sign and symptom, so if your dog empties the food and water bowl more often, it is likely to have diabetes. However, it is best to allow the professional to rule out any medical illness rather than trying to self-diagnose your dog. As a pet parent, the last you want would be to watch your pet’s health deteriorating.


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