How to Get Rid of Ants in Dog Food

Ants are attracted to everything edible, and dog food is no different. There’s nothing more disappointing than opening your bag of dog food and finding it crawling with ants. You can’t feed your dog food filled with ants, but it feels so wasteful to throw it out. Worry not, because you’ll never have to throw out perfectly good dog food. We’ve brought you the best ways to get rid of ants in dog food for good.

There are multiple ways to remove ants from pet food


Prevent Ants From Getting into Your Stored Dog Food

Store Your Dog Food in a Plastic Container

Keeping your dog food in a plastic container, and keeping it closed with a tight lid, will prevent ants from getting into the food. They won’t be able to go through the plastic as they can go through the bag. Also, the tight-fitting lid will prevent the food from going stale.

Prevent Crumbs From Gathering Around the Bag

Whether you’re using a bag or a plastic container to hold your dog food, keeping crumbs from gathering around it is very important. Ants are attracted to these crumbs, and they slowly move towards the bag too. Vacuum the area around your stored pet food regularly to remove these crumbs and prevent the ants from getting attracted to them.

You need to prevent crumbs from gathering around the bag

How to Prevent Ants From Getting Into Your Dog’s Food Bowl

Keep the Bowl Empty Most of the Time

You don’t need to leave dog food lying around in the dog bowl all the time. When your dog is done eating, remove the food from the bowl. You can give him small amounts of food at regular intervals so he finishes everything in his bowl. If you leave dog food in the bowl throughout the day, ants will get into it, and you’ll have to throw it away. Dogs don’t eat food if it’s infested with ants.

Keep the Dog Bowl in a Dish of Water

Ants can swim, which makes water an amazing way to prevent them from getting into your dog’s food. Keep water in a shallow dish, and keep your bowl of dog food in the middle of it. Even a very small ring of water on the outside of the bowl will be enough to keep the ants out. At the same time, your dog will have no problem eating his food.

You can even make a makeshift dish using aluminum foil if you don’t want to bring one out of the kitchen. This method will help you get rid of ants in dog food in no time.

You can put your dog foot in shallow tray of water to keep ants away

Use Baby Powder

Ants can’t bear talcum powder and will leave hastily if they smell some. The easiest thing you can do is to put a thin layer of talcum powder around your dog’s bowl.  Be sure to place only a thin layer around it, so your dog doesn’t inhale it and sneeze. Dogs have sensitive noses, so no more than a light dusting of baby powder is necessary.

How to Remove Ants From Your Pet Food

If the ants have already broken into your food stash, here’s what you can do to remove them.

Freeze the Dog Food

Keep your bag of dog food in the freezer until frozen solid. This will kill all the ants. After this, take the bag out of the freezer and run the food through a strainer in small batches. Keep the strainer over the sink, so you can wash the dead ants that fall from the strainer down the drain. Wash the ants down from the sink, but don’t wash the kibble. You will have to dispose of the kibble if it gets wet.

freezing dog food can kill ants

Use Corn Starch

Corn starch is perfectly safe for dogs to consume, but it is deadly for ants. All you need to remove ants from your bag of food is a large plastic container, a bag of cornstarch, and a vacuum. Empty your bag of dog food in the large plastic container, and sprinkle corn starch liberally on top. The ants will consume the corn starch and die, and you should give them about 2-4 hours for this. After the required time, you’ll have to work hard and remove the dead ants from the kibble using your hands. We recommend wearing gloves when doing this. Afterward, plug in your vacuum, and clean up the corn starch and the remaining dead ants from the food. Use the narrowest extension you have so you don’t suck up the kibble itself.

There you have it, the easiest way to get rid of ants in dog food. Store the food in a plastic container with an airtight lid to prevent future investment.

corn starch is a very good way to kill ants.


Ants are dog food can be a very big problem, especially because there are so many of them, you can’t pick them off without help. However, you can’t simply throw the dog food out and buy a new bag every time this happens. Ants are so common, it will be no time before you’ll find them in the other bag too. Use the above-discussed methods to prevent ants from getting into your dog food, and remove them if they do.

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