How To Keep Birds Away from Dog Food – A Concise Guide

Having a pet is superb. Why? Because they are great companions. Also, they keep the environment of your home friendly. Your house looks inviting to every pet lover, and you attract similar energy. Besides, pets help you get immune to specific allergies. Most importantly, they push down the levels of stress in the body and keep you fit. However, it is necessary to make arrangements on How to keep birds away from dog food?

Dogs are one of the most loyal pets. They love you and show their affection a lot. The connection they have with their owner is unmatchable. Plus, many breeds are super cute to keep as pets. Studies show dogs decrease stress levels and help in keeping anxiety away. 

How to keep Birds away from Dog Food

Our pets are like our kids. We love them, nurture them, and want to see their healthy growth. A good meal is essential for your dog’s growth. Moreover, it is also crucial that we prevent any external harm which may tamper with our baby’s food. So, it is vital to think about how to keep birds away from dog food?

Given the love of dogs for outdoor spaces and convenience, we usually give them food outdoors. It helps the pooch by being open and is an excellent mess-free method to feed them. However, the biggest drawback that comes with feeding outdoors is attacking birds. Birds of all types try to eat from the doggy’s bowl. It makes the pooch exposed to infections. Also, the food gets wasted because once touched by birds. We do not want to give it to our pup. 

How to Keep Birds Away from Dog Food- The Best Ideas:

The birds must be kept away from the food bowl for the doggy to eat in a relaxed environment. Responding to how to keep birds away from dog food is a critical part of owning a dog. There are many ways to do so. Some of them are given below:

Feed Indoors:

Feeding indoors sounds like the most convenient approach. Yes, your dog may play outside all it wants. But when it’s time for food, get it inside. Keep the bowl indoors and feed there only. It keeps the food from exposure. The birds don’t see it, so they don’t want it!

Bird Feed:

If you must feed outdoors, give the birds a distraction. One excellent method is to put up a bird feed rack. Prepare one with some pulses and disposable bottles and hang it nearby. If the birds have something meant for them, most of them will be directed there. Having a pretty birdbath is also a good option. Birds will enjoy their feast, leaving the dog go alone. 

Fake a Snake:

Keeping fake predators to scare the birds away is another idea. Rubber snakes and scarecrows to keep the birds from entering your area works well as long as they don’t realize that these things are meant to scare them! After a while, birds are likely to know the reality. So, you can change the toy and outsmart them.

Food Schedule:

One answer to how to keep the birds away from dog food is to schedule your doggy’s mealtimes. It will be difficult at first, as the pooch won’t be used to it. However, with time and practice, it is achievable. Also, this method will save food from any wastage. Cleaning after the mealtimes is the best way to prevent any rodent, insect, and bird from coming at your dog’s food.

Conceal Food:

Treat balls are a terrific way of hiding food from the birds. Also, it is the best way to keep your dog fit. If the doggy practices working up with the toy before getting food from the toy, it will practice. Likewise, birds will not like to work up as hard for a mere piece of food, which may be available elsewhere.

Wind Chimes:

Wind chimes are a good idea for keeping birds away. They create distractions on a windy day. So, birds roam about but will not be stable enough to steal food. However, once the birds get used to its sound, it also fails. So, other methods must be accompanied with it.



Old CDs, foil sheets, and mirrors work like a charm. These reflecting surfaces confuse the birds crazy, and they do not remain active enough to steal food. After a while, they will remember the distraction and probably will not return.


If you have a power supply and the resources, get Bluetooth speakers. They may sound like a tech investment. But playing the predator noise and other loud music will scare the birds off. Previously, you would need CDs to do so. But now, the desired noise is just a click away.

Use Kennel:

Keeping the doggy’s food in the kennel has multiple benefits. Not many birds will be brave enough to enter a closed space. Also, it prevents attacks from rodents and insects. Most importantly, it doesn’t let any unnecessary spills happen.

Final Thoughts:

There is more than one answer to How to keep birds away from dog food. However, not every solution will be suitable for you. You choose whatever works best for you. The decision depends on the availability of space and resources. Just make sure that your doggy is well-fed, watered, and enjoying. Happy petting!


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