How to Make Dog Food with Chicken?

Are you wondering how to make dog food with chicken? Before you do that, ask yourself if your dog loves chicken? We all know that the processed food you buy for your dog already has a lot of meaty ingredient. Hence, it shouldn’t be a problem if you go ahead and give your dog a meal made of chicken.

dog food with chicken

Is chicken a good diet for your dog?

Be it humans or dogs, we all need a substantial number of proteins, carbs and fat that can help us lead a healthy life. Without a doubt, chicken is an excellent source of protein. Your dog will not only have a healthier, stronger and more active life but will also look leaner, shinier and less agitated if you regularly feed chicken to him.

However, too much chicken can be really harmful for your dog. You should know that your dog is an omnivorous who requires both vegetables and meat to survive. In order to provide him with nutrients, you must give him a diet that is inclusive of all vitamins, fibre, proteins, carbohydrates and fat that his body needs.

How to make dog food with chicken?

You know your dog loves eating chicken irrespective of how you incorporate it in his dog food. When we talk about chicken; it is flavorful, lean, light and to top it all, a complete nutritional diet.

Some of the ways are of making dog food with chicken are:

  • Boiled chicken

This has to be simplest form where your dog is fed with chicken. As a dog owner, you just need to boil some chicken breasts in water and shred them into smaller pieces. Boiled chicken is also very useful for sick dogs. With less to no seasoning, boiled, shredded chicken pieces are counted as a comfort food for most dogs. Many vets recommend boiled chicken because the taste is bland and can be easily mixed up with other dog foods to compensate for the missing nutrition in a sick dog’s body. Also as a fact check, your dog loves the bland taste of a chicken.

boiled chicken

  • Chicken with rice

If you are confused wondering how to make dog food with chicken, consider combing rice with chicken for a flavourful yet nutritional diet for your dog. Chicken with rice is a favourite dog food combination. If you find it a bit dry then add some chicken broth to your recipe and make it a little mushy for your little pet.

Also it is highly recommended for a dog suffering from a lose stomach to have rice and chicken together in its diet. This combo actually eases out the sensitivity of the stomach.

Dog food with rice

  • Chicken with vegetables

We all know that vegetables are a great source of nourishment. If you include vegetables with chicken, you will come up with an amazing recipe for your little pup. Note that vegetables a have a lot of fibre which may mess up your dog’s digestive system. Make sure not to add more than 10% of the veggies in your dog’s diet to keep it balanced.

chciekn with vegetables

  • Chicken with yoghurt

Yoghurt provides calcium and protein. If you want your dogs to have stronger bones then try to add yoghurt in its diet. There are many recipes with yoghurt that are both tasty and helpful. Yoghurt does not only provide your dog with calcium, but help their skin look shinier and silkier. It also eases out stomach aches, helps with wash out all diarrhetic bugs.

Yoghurt in dog food

Constraints of adding chicken to your dog food

There are some constraints that must be taken into consideration while feeding chicken to your dog:

  • Be wary of the bones. Chicken bones may choke your little pup and can prove to be a health disaster.
  • It is recommended to give cooked chicken to your dog to avoid any infection.
  • Incorporate dog supplements to balance out the nourishment that your dog needs for its body, alongwith chicken in its diet.
  • Give varied dog foods even if its only chicken. This will interest your dog and keep him guessing whats in the food that he is getting on a particular day.
  • Chicken must be given according to the breed, race and size of your dog. Consult your vet to have a discussion on the proper diet that your dog needs.
  • Lastly, remember your dog is an omnivorous baby so add vegetables accordingly.

Your dog is crazy after chicken just like us who know no bounds when it comes to eating chicken. Chickens are proven to be healthy and light in comaprision to other red meat. If you want to make your life easier, then pair up the different ingredients mentioned above for your dog to have a tasteful chicken journey.

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