How To Make Dry Dog Food More Appealing

Some dogs, like people, are fussy eaters. Rather than changing their diet, consider some of these ideas for making dry dog food more delicious.

Many dog owners may be surprised to learn that their dog refuses to eat the food that has been provided to them, as most dogs would devour anything in their dish. On the other hand, some dogs have an incredibly refined palate and only eat a few items. Dog food is one of those things that a lot of picky eaters will avoid. So, if your dog is a picky eater, how can you make dry dog food and dog kibble more appealing?

If your dog doesn’t seem to like dry dog food, don’t dismiss it as a diet option right away. Many dry kibbles are healthy and nutritious for your dog, and you can add some warm water or yogurt to make it more delicious. For a better taste and scent, you may also add some canned dog food.

Here are a few tips for making dry dog food enticing and less tedious for your finicky companion. These easy techniques to make kibble more appealing to your dog will help them enjoy their meals without having to convert to a different type of food.

Dry Dog Food

How To Make Dry Dog Food More Appealing?

Canines benefit from dry dog food since it is nutritious, keeps their teeth and gums healthy, and is easy to digest. It’s simple to store and operate. So there’s a good reason for your dog to eat it.

Here are some suggestions for improving your dog’s food attractiveness.

Maintain the freshness of the food

This small act may seem self-evident, yet we’ve seen it happen multiple times. One of the most significant benefits of dry dog food is it’s easy to store and use. It is critical, however, to keep the food fresh. Kibble left out in the open and exposed to the air can soon degrade, and dogs are pretty skilled at detecting when food has gone wrong.

Keep your kibble cool and dry by storing it in an airtight container. Always read the packaging guidelines for proper storage of the particular type of dry food to be on the safe side.

Warm water mixed with dry dog food

Adding some warm water to dry food and soaking for a few minutes is the easiest way to make it taste better. The dog’s meal will become even more broth-like and flavorful. For certain dogs, merely doing this will entice them to consume their meal.

Because the water lightens the raw kibble, it is also beneficial for dogs who despise the hard crispiness of natural kibble. Some dogs with digestion problems find that soaking their kibble makes it easier for them to digest.

Chicken Broth plus Dry Dog Food

Add a few meat broths or bone broth to the dry dog food to add some variety. It will have a pleasant aroma and texture as a result. Dogs prefer chicken or beef flavors, so the kibble will likely appeal to your dog’s taste buds.

How To Make Dry Dog Food More Appealing

Toss some yogurt into your dog’s kibble

If warm water doesn’t work, try mixing a dollop of plain yogurt into your dog’s dry food. The yogurt will add a new aroma, texture, and flavor to the food, as well as gastrointestinal benefits for your pet.

Use plain yogurt instead of flavored yogurt, as flavored yogurt contains sugars that may harm your dog’s health. Also, make sure the yogurt is mixed in with the food, or your dog may only eat the yogurt and ignore the kibble.

Toss in some canned wet dog food with the dry kibble

If your dog is particularly obstinate, try mixing in a small amount of canned wet food with their dry food. Mixing it in with the kibble, like the yogurt, should get your dog excited about the meal.

If you put more than a spoon or two of wet food into the dry food, you’ll be defeating the purpose of adding it. You don’t want to end up giving your dog canned food mixed with kibble! Wet dog food with meat or poultry protein source is usually enough to pique the interest of even the pickiest eater.

Toss some fish oil into your dog’s dry food

Fish oil (usually salmon) can also get used as a flavor enhancer in dry dog food. Make sure it’s made for dogs, and pay attention to the dosage. Giving fish oil to your dog has several additional benefits, but check with your veterinarian to see if it’s right for him. Also, store the oil according to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid exposure to air or light, rendering the oil unusable. Consult the product documentation once more.

How To Motivate Your Dog To Eat Their Food

Once you have checked out medical difficulties, the easiest and simplest thing you can do to entice your dog to eat makes their food more delicious. Please don’t get caught in the trap of adjusting their diet to accommodate their needs; it’s a dangerous precedent, and your dog may quickly be dictating their diet and wanting frequent changes and variations. Dogs, just like children, are intelligent and know how to obtain what they want.

So the best strategy is to attempt some techniques to make their present dry dog food more enticing and motivate them to eat it. You should stop giving them goodies for quite a while and stop hand-feeding if you treat your dog that way. Your dog must realize that their meals are their primary means of nutrition, and there won’t be options.

Dogs Feel with Their Noses

Many don’t realize that dogs rely more on their ability to smell than their palate when determining what to eat. That’s why a dog will be incredibly eager for a liver treat and then devour it entirely without ever tasting it. For dogs, the taste is nearly all about the smell.

Dry Dog Food


One way to make dry dog food more exciting for picky eaters is to add some wet food to it. You can mix the wet food with the dry food or serve it as a topping or a side dish. Additionally, you can try adding some flavorful treats such as cheese, bacon, or cooked eggs to the dry food. This can help to make the meal more appetizing and enticing to your pup. Additionally, you can serve the dry food in different ways, such as minced or sliced, to make it more interesting. Finally, you can try adding some fruits or vegetables to the dog food to provide additional flavor and nutrition.


As you see examples above, there are various ways to make dry dog food more appealing to picky eaters. Hopefully, one of them persuades your dog to begin eating.

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