Can My Dog Eat Pears?

Do you often love to treat yourself with delicious and sweet fruit salad? Which fruits do you swap in this all-in-one salad whenever you crave some juicy fruit? Pear is a mild, tasty, low-calorie, bell-shaped fruit that offers numerous benefits to your dog. So if you are surfing the sites to know, “Can my dog … Read more

Is Tuna Good for Dogs with Kidney Disease?

Is Tuna Good for Dogs

Is Tuna Good for Dog with Kidney Disease? Kidney disease is not just a disease but a battle for you and your dog. From pain management to frequent urination, it surely can drive you crazy. According to stats by the International Interest Society (IRIS), 0.5-1% of dogs are affected by chronic kidney disease. The elder … Read more

How Much Cheese Can a Dog Eat?

How much cheese can a dog eat?

There’s no denying it, dogs love cheese. Whenever you’re eating something cheesy, they always want a bite-not that they don’t want a bite of everything else you eat, but that’s a story for another time. How many times have you tried to feed your dog some of your pizza, and stopped in concern? Is cheese … Read more