Can dog eat french fries?

french fries

No matter how many you eat, there are no regrets after consuming freshly fried French fries.  The smell? Heavenly.  The taste? Even better.  I can write an essay on how good fries are. However, the topic is not that today. Instead, we will be talking about: Can Dogs eat French Fries? The answer, although, is yes. But, it is not suggested to feed your pooch with french fries, because they are very unhealthy and carry no nutritional value.  Most dogs can eat french fries on some occasions, but it is better to completely keep them away from fries. More often … Read more

Can dog eat mashed potatoes?

Can dogs eat mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes or french fries? Deciding between the two is quite hard as we crave potatoes every other day.  While mashed potatoes are the real winner when compared.  But, adding them to your dog’s diet, regularly, might not prove smart.  Quickly, let’s discover if the dogs can eat mashed potatoes.  Can dogs eat mashed potatoes? Yes, your dog can eat some mashed potatoes, only if the potatoes are roasted and not boiled. Moreover, it should contain no butter, salt, milk, or any other seasoning. The ingredients of mashed potatoes may vary from person to person or from culture to culture. … Read more

Can a Dog Eat Turkey Leg Bone?

Brown stray dog eating bone in a sidewalk

If you belong to a family where holiday dinner is all about roasting and basting a bird, you might often cook some turkey for Thanksgiving. What about your dog who’s sitting on the kitchen floor, looking at you to offer some turkey to him as well? Its facial expressions force you to share turkey with him too. But before giving a leg piece of turkey to him, you must ask yourself the question, “Can a dog eat turkey leg bone?” “Is it safe for a dog’s health”? The quick answer to this question is yes, but with few instructions in … Read more

Can a Dog Eat a Marshmallow?


Are you also one of those who have a never-ending love for marshmallows? This never-ending love can also start the desire of eating marshmallows in your dog’s heart. Before serving this treat to your dog, you’ll have a question “can a dog eat a marshmallow?” Well, there’s a “no” to your question. But if it’s given in a small amount, there might not be any harm to your canine.  Your dog can eat the marshmallow and have real party time. But if you have been wondering about whether your dog should eat marshmallows, then you are a wise pet parent. … Read more

Can My Dog Eat Ham?

Can My Dog Eat Ham

Does it ever happen to you that you’re serving a finely prepared ham at the dining table or baking a ham sandwich for yourself on a December holiday, and your canine companion sits at its place with mouth-watering and eyes set on the ham? You might find these facial expressions so innocent that you are forced to think, “Can my dog eat ham”? Well, there is no clear “YES” or “NO” answer to this question. Let’s delve deep into the article. Your pup can eat the ham or not; it depends on its health condition, size, and breed. Although ham … Read more