Standard Poodle Feeding Guide

Standard Poodle Feeding Guide:

Standard Poodle Feeding Guide

Who doesn’t love regal, well-groomed, and athletic dogs? Standard Poodles puppy are all about grace, elegance, and intelligence. With perfect curly coat, calm and agreeable personality. They are a perfect example of love at first sight. Taking utmost care of your lovely pooch by following a standard poodle feeding guide is very important for this breed.

Feeding Your Poodle, the Right Way!

We all love our dogs and want them to be well-fed and be healthy.

Have you ever wondered how much feeding do Standard Poodle requires to turn out to be big and strong? There is a guide that tells you all about the food that your standard poodle needs. And you are reading that Standard Feeding Poodle Guide right now!

YES. Keep reading! We are going to cover all Poodle Feeding guidelines in this section:

How Often to Feed a Poodle?

Poodles have a small tummy. They need to be fed frequently for 3 to 4 times a day. You can decrease the feeding after they cross 6 months of age. 2 cups of servings work best for a standard poodle puppy. We recommend the amount and schedule to be changed according to age, health issues, type of food and weight, etc.

Under 3 months: 

Young puppies under the age of 3 months should be free-fed. You can set a goal for your Poodle to be on a feeding schedule but most of the time u will find your dog’s bowl with remaining food. Always wash off the leftovers and top them up with fresh food.


At 3 months mark, all Poodles should be eating 3 meals per day with snacks.


You can ideally split your Standard Poodles meals into two servings. However, Standard has the tolerance to a single dinner-time feeding. You can set up the feeding time according to your dog’s preferences.

How Much to Feed a Standard Poodle Puppy?

A well-balanced diet is as necessary for a standard poodle as it is for us humans. Serving size depends upon the type of food that you are offering to your standard poodle. Our Standard Poodle Feeding Guide recommends that the amount of food that a Standard Poodle should be eating depends upon many factors like age, metabolism, activity level, and health. Calories in food differ between wet vs dry and quality of food as well.

Have you noticed that your happily-eating dog can get grumpy while eating food sometimes? Yes, even weather can change their mood and they tend to eat less in summer in comparison with wintertime. For commercial food, we have suggested and prepared a chart below for feedings of your standard poodle.

Standard Poodle Feeding Requirements Chart:

Date Age Daily kcal Requirement Standard Feeding Dog Food
8 lbs. 2 months 552 kcal/day 1 and 1/4 cups/day
25 lbs. 12 months 866 kcal/day 1 and 7/8 cups/day
55 lbs. 24 months 1253 kcal/day 2 and 2/3 cups/day

Wet vs Dry:

Most Poodles opt for wet food. It is easier for them to eat. Though dry food is recommended as it’s much better for the teeth and gums and gut health. Wet food can upset your Poodles stomach and lead to runny stools.

Grain vs Grain-free:

Few dogs tend to have gastrointestinal or allergy issues and the factor was taking grains in the diet. However, it’s not certain that grain-free food will solve the issue. You should keep a lookout and stick to a brand that has meats-based recipes. Wholesome non-wheat and non-gluten grains like rice, quinoa, and oatmeal are also a good healthy option for your darling.

Elements to Keep in Mind When Choosing Food for Your Poodle:

What to avoid:

These things to avoided at all costs to make your Standard Poodles feeding a healthy one:

  •   High grain count
  •   Chemical preservatives
  •   Artificial coloring
  •   Artificial flavoring like MSG
  •   Generic meats or oils
  •   Fillers
  •   By-products

What to look for:

Look out for brands that offer the following:

  •   Wholesome ingredients.
  •   The right balance of healthy grains
  •   100% all-natural
  •   Natural preservatives.
  •   Zero fillers

What to Feed Your Poodle if Home Cooking:

If your Poodle is on homemade yummy food made with love. You can roughly serve it 1 ounce of food for each 1 pound of body weight daily. It also varies on the ingredients. The rule is to start with 1 to 1 which your Standard Poodle should consume within 15 minutes.

  •   You can prepare a mix of protein, fruits &vegetables, and grains that suit your dog.
  •   Proteins include chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, and fish.
  •   Vegetables include sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini, beans, peas, and potatoes.
  •   Fruits your poodle will love are strawberries, raspberries, apples, pear, and blueberries.
  •  Other food options can be eggs, salmon and olive oil, cheese, and plain yogurt.                         You should also take your Vet’s recommendation on giving your Poodle daily vitamins and minerals if your Poodle is on home-cooked food only.


Standard Poodle Feeding Guide


Who doesn’t love treats?

When those lovesick puppy eyes ask for a snack, we can’t resist serving them one. Snacks include 20% of a dog’s diet. Dry treats are best to give in between meals. You can give chewy or moist treats as rewards while training.


Poodles are active and high-stamina dogs. It is best to give them smaller meals throughout the day instead of one big dinner. This will overcome the issue of their tendency to bloat. Keep in mind all the tip and tricks provided by our Standard Poodle Feeding Guide and never force-feed your standard poodle. They are not motivated by food and usually only eat when hungry.

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