What to feed a pregnant dog that wont eat?

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As a dog parent, it is frustrating to wonder what to feed your pregnant dog that wont eat? To be honest, we all know that pregnancy is hard. Not just for humans but also for dogs. Pregnancy makes your dog sick, moody, irritated and so very drowsy.  During the very start of pregnancy, your dog wont eat. This habit may get prolonged too, depending on various other factors. As her emotions and body are going through changes, so it is just very normal for her to not like to eat or do anything. Supporting your dog in such a time … Read more

Why do dogs bark at their food

Why do dogs bark at their food

Dogs are intelligent social animals, and barking is a typical form of communication in their canine family. Dogs tend to bark when they feel excited, frustrated, scared, distressed, or even bored. Although it’s usual dog behavior to bark but barking unnecessarily is alarming. So if your dog barks too much, you need to discover the cause of their barking and take hold of the problem immediately, especially if the dog barks at the food. If you are concerned about why your dog barks at his food,  then keep reading and discover why your pooch exhibits such behavior before it develops … Read more

How to Make Dog Food with Chicken?

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Are you wondering how to make dog food with chicken? Before you do that, ask yourself if your dog loves chicken? We all know that the processed food you buy for your dog already has a lot of meaty ingredient. Hence, it shouldn’t be a problem if you go ahead and give your dog a meal made of chicken. Is chicken a good diet for your dog? Be it humans or dogs, we all need a substantial number of proteins, carbs and fat that can help us lead a healthy life. Without a doubt, chicken is an excellent source of … Read more

How Much Chicken to Feed a Dog Daily?

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How much chicken does your dog need to be fed daily? 10 gms, 50 gms or more? You’d surely wouldn’t know till you realize that your dog is a living individual that loves to eat chicken just the way, we humans do? Isn’t it? We all know that chicken is one of the most common ingredients in dog food. You must now think that instead of buying the exorbitantly priced dog food, why can’t you just feed your dog daily the chicken it wants? Well, let us try to bifurcate this below and talk about the do’s, don’ts and the … Read more