How to stop food aggression in dogs towards other dogs

Just like any other pet, dogs can be possessive, especially when it is about their food. The worry is when the dog shows aggression to protect their food, and in turn, becomes cautious about everything they possess. In such a situation, it is essential to learn how you can stop food aggression in dogs because if you have more than one dog, food sharing can become a serious issue. Many dogs start to bark and fight, not letting the other one come near to their food. Food aggression in dogs can be mild, which involves growling, and in severe situations, … Read more

What kind of dog food is best for Pit bulls?

Pit bulls are a high-spirited and robust breed of dogs. They are not just assertive and aggressive but also very intelligent, friendly, active, and incredibly energetic. Pit bull is a high-energy breed of dogs and so requires a solid diet with adequate nutrition. While all other breeds of dogs have the same nutritional requirements, this particular breed requires special dietary and nutritional requirements. Pit bulls do not require any specific type of food, but they need a particular set of nutrients to function adequately. They adore humans and love to spend time with the people they love. Is there a better … Read more

Can a dog eat an apple?

Comfort me with apples i am sick of love! Whether your dog is throwing tantrums or he just needs a quick snack you keep wondering can a dog eat an apple? Apples are happy healthy yummy food. Some canine loves to devour on this delicious fruit. While others do not so much. Whether a dog can eat an apple or not entirely depends upon you, your dog, and his mood Benefits Vs Risks of Eating Apples for dog: Let us see what can the pros and cons of giving apple fruit to your dog: Risks Benefits If the core of … Read more

What to do with expired dog food?

What to do with expired dog food?

When we think about the things that can harm our pets, the last thing to come to our mind is their food. It is essential to have the knowledge of how to store our dog’s food properly to prevent it from harming them by going bad. Dog food does not generally come with an expiration rate, instead, the packaging mentions the’ best by’ date. Most people think that the two dates are the same thing. Therefore, as a pet parent, you want to ensure that your dog consumes an adequate amount of nutrition so it’s important to learn the difference … Read more

Why does dog play with his food

Why does my dog play with his food

If you are a concerned pet parent and eager to learn about why your dog plays with his food you are on the right web page. It may be frustrating for you but once you gain insight into why do dogs play with food, you will be easily able to break this habit. Dogs tend to exhibit a plethora of weird behaviors especially during their meal times; the most interesting one is mixing the playtime with their mealtime and playing with their food.  Therefore, this article will help you explore some of the reasons why your dog exhibits such a … Read more