Why is my dog afraid of his food bowl

Why is my dog afraid of his food bowl

Dogs love food! They guilt their owners to feeding them multiple times a day. They beg, whine and do everything they can to make their caretakers fill the food bowls. Food and long walks are two of canine’s most-liked activities. Dogs are constantly on the lookout for food so its quite strange to see your dog feeling afraid of his food bowl. Hence, it’s natural for you to worry if your dog that would immediately shove its face in the food bowl has now developed a sudden aversion to his food bowl. The reason may be rational to your pet, … Read more

How to deal with a dog that is always hungry?

Why is my dog afraid of his food bowl

Does your dog follow you around the kitchen and try to melt your heart with those big puppy eyes? No matter how much dog food you give them, does it look like your puppy can never get enough? If you are worried about your dog’s insatiable appetite, then you are not alone. Although dogs indeed have a voracious appetite and eat-while-you-can mentality; however, if your puppy begs for more dog food right after completing a meal is worrisome. Below are some bite-sized tips for you to add to the dog food if you find it challenging to deal with your … Read more

How To Keep Birds Away from Dog Food – A Concise Guide

Having a pet is superb. Why? Because they are great companions. Also, they keep the environment of your home friendly. Your house looks inviting to every pet lover, and you attract similar energy. Besides, pets help you get immune to specific allergies. Most importantly, they push down the levels of stress in the body and keep you fit. However, it is necessary to make arrangements on How to keep birds away from dog food? Dogs are one of the most loyal pets. They love you and show their affection a lot. The connection they have with their owner is unmatchable. … Read more

How Much Chicken to Feed a Dog Daily?

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How much chicken does your dog need to be fed daily? 10 gms, 50 gms or more? You’d surely wouldn’t know till you realize that your dog is a living individual that loves to eat chicken just the way, we humans do? Isn’t it? We all know that chicken is one of the most common ingredients in dog food. You must now think that instead of buying the exorbitantly priced dog food, why can’t you just feed your dog daily the chicken it wants? Well, let us try to bifurcate this below and talk about the do’s, don’ts and the … Read more

How many cups in a lb of dog food?

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How many cups in an lb of dog food? For healthy & nutritious benefits:  Dog owners measure dry dog food to prevent their pet from overeating. This ensures the nutritional benefits provided by the dog food. Taking care of your dog means knowing an appropriate eating routine, which accompanies rules concerning the amount of food taken by the dog. How many cups in an id of dog food  to ensure healthy eating habits of your canines food? The standard size of a cup per pound each day is about four cups.  To clear all queries about the amount of dog food … Read more