What did dogs eat before dog food?

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Dogs eat dogfood because we make them eat it but what did the dogs eat before the advent of dogfood? The correct answer is EVERYTHING. To read on that, let us evaluate and talk about some basics first. Dogs are natural creatures and so, love to eat everything. This is also one of the reasons your dog is always found limbering over your food. Not to forget that a dog or any other animal’s most important goal in life is to eat, sleep and keep doing these two on repeat.

What did dogs eat before dog food?

Just as the world has evolved, our dogs have also evolved. Earlier in the days, there was no concept of any dog treats or the canned/pet food that we now very happily buy for our dogs. Your dog’s ancestors depended on various other things before dogfoods became a necessity. Humans would feed their little pups with almost anything they’d eat themselves.


We all know that dogs love meat. If given a choice between a fresh piece of meat and processed dog food, your dog will likely choose fresh meat. Thats because your dog by birth is a carnivore. Ever since the world was made, all animals including dogs have thrived onto eating meat. A non domesticated dog would hunt for its food but a dog with a caretaker would fulfill his dietary needs by eating meat. For centuries and over, your dogs have eaten meat in all forms. It was the only and the most nourishing food they could think of.

Offals and bones

A thousand years ago, a typical household with a pet dog would regularly feed their dogs bones and offals. Precisely everything that humans didnt bother eating was a treat for their dogs. Dogs considered bones and offals as real food. There was no concept of giving them dry or processed food and nobody considered fresh meat, offals and bones as harmful for their dogs. Infact, they provided complete nourishment that a dog’s body required.

Dogs ate what we ate

Quite a few households where a dog resides, still follow one principle which is to feed their dogs whatever they ate. This has been in practice before the world discovered ‘DOG FOODS.’ There was no concept of a specialized diet for the dogs. Whatever the humans ate, the dogs ate. The dogs loved that food because they never knew what processed food tasted like. Humans cooked the same food for themselves and dogs alike and together they lived happily every after.

Left overs

Humans had and is still have a habit of leaving food on their plates. The olden days dog owners made a meal out of all left overs and gave it to their dogs. This was the most cheap tactic for them and also easy because they literally had no work to do to look after their dogs.

Kitchen waste

It was a common phenomena in those days to feed the petdog all kitchen waste. Humans fed everything to their dogs that they deemed as useless. And that is how dogs developed their habit of picking out the left overs from the trash and feed themselves. The humans had no idea that the waste their dogs picked up could make them sick. Probably why alot of dogs had intestinal problems back in those days.

Bread and biscuits as food

Breads and biscuits were originally given to domesticated dogs as a supplementary food only. Basically these two things acted as fillers. They had no nutrients and no nourishments. Bread and biscuits acted as dry products to keep the dog’s stomach full. Most dog owners would bake biscuits by adding vegetables in them to make them more healthy.

Was everything before dogfood beneficial for dogs or not?

Do you think everything that dogs ate before dogfood was beneficial for its health? Fortunately, previous generations were not accustomed to alot of research and didnt believe on alot of myths either. Therefore whataver their dogs ate never impacted their feeding behavior. They fed everything they found deemable for their dogs. It was only in the early nineties that people started weighing easiness and convenience and started purchasing already processed food.

A concise research on what did dogs eat before dog food has been done vastly. Researchers have come to a realisation that the food that previous generations fed to the dogs had alot to do with the shorter life span of dogs. Although freshly cooked food has alot of proteins, carbs and nutrients but dogfood has proved to be far more beneficial that raw food.

Dogs were thriving and surviving since the very start of human ecology. The stray dogs are not habitual to processed food and they are proof that food, whatever it can be, is enough for them to survive.

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