What to feed a sick dog that will not eat?

Like humans, canines can also lose their appetite when they fall sick, and it’s indeed not fair to expect them to have a five-course meal during their sick days.  It is heartbreaking to see your puppy suffer; even worse is watching them avoid the dog food. However, missing a meal or two is not much to worry about because it is not abnormal for dogs to go for a few days without food, but if your puppy continues to refuse the delicious dog food, then it’s worrisome.

There is no one answer about what to feed a sick dog that will not eat because it depends on your dog and its illness. However, if your dog is ill with minor health issues, simple dog food should help kick-start the appetite.

However, it is essential to look for the root cause of why your pup has stopped eating the food. Finding out the underlying cause will help you choose foods that can aid in initiating their diet again.

Hence, the list of simple dog foods mentioned below can help your sick puppy feel better in no time.

Sick Dog-sick puppy avoiding its dog food

Wet food- appealing alternative to dry dog food

For sick dogs, a bowl full of wet food is far more appealing than dry dog food. Heating the meal for a few seconds in the microwave will make it even tastier and persuade your sick friend to eat. Wet food is not just yummy but easy to swallow as well. You must try this if your dog tends to avoid food during sick days.

Baby food- easy to swallow

The blended baby food is easy to digest and helps a lot in developing appetite in sick dogs. However, baby foods tend to be high in carbohydrates, so you should not serve them in high quantities. Moreover, these foods are designed to cater to humans; hence, before serving them to your puppies, don’t forget to give a quick look at the ingredients behind the packet.

Sweet potato- yummy goodness

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of fiber and various vitamins. As a dog food alternative, they are full of yummy goodness that will tempt your sick puppy. Since they contain starchy sugars and carbohydrates, it is better to use sweet potatoes to initiate the diet of your ill dog rather than making it a part of its regular diet. While it may not be a very healthy option, it will surely help your puppy start eating again.

Fish- strong smell ignites desire to eat

Fish is an excellent option to encourage your puppy’s appetite because of its strong smell. The pungent odour persuades the dog to eat and healthily initiates the desire to eat its meal.

Moreover, if your dog suffers from dental pain, a bowl full of soft and well-cooked fish will make your puppy happy. It is essential to cook the fish till it’s soft to eat because even a slightly raw fish can make your dog sick.

Bone broth- hassle-free cooking

Bone broth is a perfect option to entice a sick dog that does not eat because a liquid meal is easy to swallow. It’s also easy to cook and store for later- just a combination of bones boiling together with safe vegetables for dogs- really no hassle!

You can serve it to your puppy either separately or pour it over the dry dog food. Either way, your sick puppy will love you for a tempting meal.

However, make sure you remove the bones while serving. What could be worse than choking your fur baby with the food you cooked with all your heart.

Chicken breast- full of nutrition

Chicken breast is packed with essential minerals and vitamins. Serving your sick dog a bowl of protein-rich food will boost them with the perfect energy to heal and feel better.

If you serve it with rice- it’s a miracle cure!

However, make sure to leave it as a two-ingredient meal since oil and seasonings can make your dog feel worse than better.


Most importantly, take a vet’s opinion before serving something your dog hasn’t eaten before. The vet will suggest you a dog meal plan based on its likes and traits. Vets are far more knowledgeable and experienced than you are, so it’s always safe to have them prescribe the diet and the required medication.

Sick Dog-Sick Puppy avoiding Food

Quick tip!

No matter which meal you choose from the list mentioned above of delicious dog foods, heating the food before you serve them to your puppy will make it fragrant. The food that smells good will entice your dog to eat.



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