What to feed a pregnant dog that wont eat?

As a dog parent, it is frustrating to wonder what to feed your pregnant dog that wont eat? To be honest, we all know that pregnancy is hard. Not just for humans but also for dogs. Pregnancy makes your dog sick, moody, irritated and so very drowsy.  During the very start of pregnancy, your dog wont eat. This habit may get prolonged too, depending on various other factors. As her emotions and body are going through changes, so it is just very normal for her to not like to eat or do anything.

Supporting your dog in such a time is not just crucial but also necessary. As a dog parent, you should be able to follow certain protocols. Make her comfortable, allow her to feel herself and don’t impose what you think is right for her to eat.

Why is your pregnant dog not eating?

The start of your dog’s pregnancy can be very bumpy. Your dog may go through many emotional and physical changes. She will have excessive nausea and leading to that, will suffer through a loss of appetite. Your chirpy and happy dog will suddenly become very lazy. She will despise even walking around. She will hate her bloating body and look out for some love from her human care taker. However, that is nothing to be scared of because this is how women behave when they are pregnant themselves.

What to feed your pregnant dog who refuses to eat?

As a dog parent, it is your responsibility to look after your pregnant pup. If you are worried what to feed your pregnant dog that wont eat then focus on the points given below:

A high density diet

Your dog needs a balanced diet irrespective of the fact that she refuses to eat. The solution to this problem is to bring her to eat high energy based meals, no matter how small the proportions are. Give her meals that fulfill her nutritional requirements. Your dog’s pregnancy lasts for around 9 weeks. Therefore, you must make sure that you give her ample proteins, vitamins and adequate nourishment that will help her elevate her energy.

 pregnant dog who refuses to ea


During her pregnancy and after it also, your dog will feel thirsty every now and then. You must keep water readily available at all times. With an increase in the abdomen, she will require more water. Its is natural for her to get dehydrated more often than normal because of the increasing weight and less to no appetite in the initial days of pregnancy, therefore, her urgency to drink water will also increase substantially.

pregnant dog

Raw meat and bones

You know your canine pup loves eating raw meat and bones. In the case of your pregnant dog, meat and bones will make her more fuller. They will also give her the best nourishment that her body requires throughout her pregnancy journey. As it goes for humans, a pregnant dog also needs high quality raw meat. Give her the best you can for her to deliver the healthiest little pups.

DIY: Feed her your own recipes

The best alternative to feed your pregnant dog who wont eat is to do it yourself. Buy her favourite, nourishing ingredients and prepare her favorite meals. If you don’t know what is it that your pregnant dog needs, then check with your vet and make her food accordingly. Usually a pregnant dog is very picky. If you even fill her bowl up with her favouritest meal, she will most likely ignore it too. It is just her hormones and her loss of appetite. You have a great advantage when feeding your own recipes because you can then give her a mixture of vegetables, meat, eggs, dog foods and cereals, according to her dietary needs.

Egg and seaweed:

A pregnant dog needs a lot of proteins, vitamins and carbs. Having said that, its a known fact that dogs produce their own sugar and fats. Eggs have a lot of proteins. You can give her eggs and milk or simply add it in your own recipe for your pregnant dog. Similarly, seaweeds will give her more vitamins and minerals. In doing so, remember that your prime responsibility is to feed her those foods that do not make her heavier. To summarize it, your pregnant dog will gain weight so make sure you give her food that does not create a labor problem for her.

Egg and seaweed


Feed her nothing and everything. To conclude it all, your pregnant dog will show a lot of tantrums. She wont also eat anything on some days too. You just don’t need to worry because pregnancy is difficult. Just wait for the time when her appetite will abnormally increase and everything you give to her will eventually become less for her.





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