Why Does My Dog Pee in His Food Bowl?

 Why Does My Dog Pee in His Food Bowl?


Why Does My Dog Pee in His Food Bowl?

Dogs are one of the most adaptable and good-natured beings on planet Earth. These playful animals keep us busy with their love and faithfulness. Sometimes they act strangely. Don’t we all?

The question that is asked frequently by many worried dog parents. Why does my dog pee in his food bowl? Its because some dogs do urinate around their food dish. Normally dogs wee at designated places or outdoors. What urges them to urinate in the food dish? Take a look at the article to get aware of it.

Envision the Scenario:

Imagine a lovely sunny day. You got up & cuddled with your puppy love, brew your coffee, and put some food for your dog in his favorite food bowl.

Now you are sitting peacefully on the sofa watching your pup have morning breakfast and suddenly he lifts his leg and pee in his food bowl.

Your spouse comes and is horrified at the scene. He shouts,

Is that dog’s pee in the bowl? EW!

What is this behavior? You may ask your dog. But before you get furious let us tell you the reason behind your dog’s sudden action.

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Reasons Behind Dog Pee in His Dog Food?

Highly Territorial:

We have always seen dogs clean the space before sitting with their tail. Dogs are those clean creatures. The reason behind this is that these are highly territorial beings. They are fiercely protective of their space and mark the territory for others to know that this is out of bond for any other dog or animal.

Showing off Ownership:

Don’t we all love to flaunt our new things? Dog show their ownership when they explore new places. In addition, the canines that are not sprayed have been noticed to use this peeing method more.

Anxiety Kicks in:

Peeing can also result from extreme levels of anxiety. Stress is one of the reasons that can trigger the dog. Anxiety is also a culprit that urges the dog to mark its territory.

                                               food bowl

Addition of a new member in the family:

If you have recently added another pet to your family then your dog may feel uncomfortable around that new member. Some dog breeds have aloof temperaments they don’t like being around the company. Few of the dogs are too possessive of their parent owner and may get competitive when you give attention to another animal especially another dog.

Fears, phobias, and insecurity:

Some dogs go through phobias just like humans. They have an IQ of a two-year-old. Just like a kid they can also sense the fear that causes insecurity. They may be acting out if bullied by another dog or change of house etc.

Health Problems:

Sometimes our doggo may be suffering from a disease that is overlooked by us. They may be enduring health problems like prostate, weakened bladder, hormonal imbalance, and urinary stones.

Pathological causes:

On the contrary, your dog might also be suffering from urinary incontinence. This condition makes the dog urinate uncontrollably. Likewise, some conditions like cognitive dysfunction syndrome in older dogs may be present. This also causes behavior that looks abnormal.

Sensory deprivation syndrome:

This one is a sinister wellbeing concern. Its causes go way back to when the dog was a puppy. A sensory syndrome is developed by deprivation of important stimuli in early childhood days. Subsequently, It becomes a serious behavioral problem when the pup grows to become a big dog. Negativity in the early days also becomes fearfulness in later ones. This also triggers many phobias.

Attention Seeking-Communication:

Just like a child a dog cannot express their emotions by barking. They need to communicate with their parent owner. Either it’s showing love or to tell about any danger. You can give them time out, can you?

Most of the time they try to grab your attention and when they don’t get it they get aggressive and might result in peeing around the food bowl. It surely would seek your full attention!

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My Dog Pee in His Food Bowl– How to stop?
  • First things first, it is most recommended to sanitize the peeing area or bowl properly. Many enzymatic products are available on market for this purpose.
  • Take the dog food bowl out of sigh after your doggo is done eating/drinking. No food bowl no problem!
  • Get to know the root cause that is creating this attitude. This will correct the peeing behavior.
  • It always help to get your pet neutered. This process will help in reducing urine marking.
  • Consider changing the place of feeding bowls especially if you have other dogs in the house. This way your dog would be able to overcome his anxiousness.
My Dog Pee in His Food Bowl- What can help?

This issue can be resolved, Don’t worry! Dogs can sense your anxiety and stress. So you should stay calm and happy. Happy you, happier the dog!

  • For a change replace plastic bowls with stainless steel bowls. It will be easier to wash them and help to take the smell away.
  • Spend time with your doggy and let them communicate with you in their special language.
  • Understand their feeling and take them out for play every day. They need your attention and time.
  • Never confine your dog to small spaces. This can cause defecation and urination near the food bowl. They are species to run and stay outdoors with open large areas. This keeps them healthy and fresh.
  • Seek medical assistance and take your doggy to the vet if the problem persists or you detect any other health condition. Immediately take your pet to get thoroughly checked. Never compromise on the health of your loved one.



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