Why wont my dog eats or drink?

Why wont my dog eats or drink? This is a question that haunts all dog owners. The one thing that keeps all pet owners up at night is their dog’s loss of appetite. However, you must only worry if your dog refuses to eat at a stretch.

Reasons for your dog not eating or drinking

There may be a plethora of reasons for your dog’s non interest in eating or drinking. In either case, you must interrogate and find out the details for your dog not eating or drinking properly.

Your dog is sick:

It’s a very common phenomenon in both human beings and dogs to stop eating if we are sick. Hence, if you see your dog slightly unwell and refusing to eat food then you need not worry. It can be a bad bug, slight nausea, mild temperature or simply, an upset stomach.

But the moment you see your dog ignoring his meals at a stretch or throwing off non-stop, you must rush him to the nearest vet. Sometimes, your dog wont eat or drink if he is gravely sick. Again that’s not a norm unless you see some more severe signs.

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Missing his owner:

We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend but rarely do we know that a man is a dog’s most prized possession. Your dog loves you more than you do to him. For him, you are his loyal partner, his godfather, his walking mate, his care taker and his beloved. A dog wont eat and drink if he misses you. He will stay depressed and start frowning on all his meals. You must always express your love or be around for him to not stop eating, drinking or playing.

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Your dog does not like the food:

Trust us when we say that your dog is a complete individual and has his own likes and dislikes. As a pet owner, you should be aware of your dog’s food preferences and so, should give him his favorite meals. You can mix up various ingredients and come up with a new recipe, or feed him dog treats at intervals to keep up with his mood swings. Like young children, your dog may get fed up of eating the same food. The only alternative is to give him food that he likes to eat.

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Your dog wont eat his food and drink water if he is on medications. Medications are strong. They play with your dog’s taste buds. You don’t need to push your dog to eat if he has been put on medications. Once, the medicinal effects start wearing off, your dog eating and drinking habits will get back to normalcy.

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Your dog has a change in his life:

Have you moved to a new place or lost someone very dear to your dog? If yes, then this may be one of the reasons for your dog not eating or drinking properly. Your dog is one animal which has a strong emotional power. He gets upset, stressed and can have anxiety disorders. If he suffers through either of these, then his eating and drinking habits will get affected. A change in a dog’s life, either physical or emotional, can affect his appetite.

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Suffering Through a Tooth Pain:

All dogs, especially an adult dog, may suffer through tooth aches. There may be a possibility that your dog wants to eat his food but because his tooth is hurting bad, he dismisses everything that you offer. If your dog is finding it difficult to chew, he will stop eating.

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Your Dog is Anorexic:

If your dog is just never interested in eating then this is a sign of Anorexia. This is something very serious. You must consult your vet to check for any anorexic problem. Anorexia is a disease that will make your dog more lousy, lethargic and extremely non active. Dogs, just like any other animal, are extremely interested in food, hence, his total negligence should be a matter of concern for you.

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When does it get serious if you see your dog wont eat or drink?

  • If your has not been eating since a few days then its time for you to talk to your vet. This can be a sign of an underlying illness that needs immediate attention.
  • An old, aged dog who refuses to eat is a cause of concern.
  • If your little pound has stopped being active along with no interest in food then set an appointment with a vet.

Irrespective of any valid reasons, you must treat your dog with utmost care and love. Your dog should not stop eating or drinking unless there is a solid purpose for it. However, in most cases your dog wont eat or drink if he suffers through any of the mentioned reasons above and THAT IS OKAY.

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